December 15th, 2006

Neko (lofulah)

Slashdot: Why does everyone hat microsoft?

Oooh, big can of worms.

It's interesting. There's only been one or two counter-arguments... (which is to say, relatively close to none.)

Most comments can be summed up by the stuff in the wikipedia article:
Criticism of Microsoft:

Yes, there's actually a wikipedia article criticizing Microsoft.

But in short, "Bad business practices" and "Shoddy software" have been the most common complaints. There's also several "We hate Microsoft, 'cause we spend so much time clean up after users due to Microsoft crap." I understand those complaints~ =^^=
Neko (lofulah)

Oh dear... I'm on Youtube.


Soran Bushi, performed by the UIUC Japan Intercultural Network.

I need to fix the site to better do "fake" frame bookmarking support. Or create a whole new design. Wonder if I could make an javascript powered rss reader to pull news journal data from livejournal, instead of loading it in a frame...?

Oh, that's the reason why it doesn't work in Safari. The site files are hosted over https (god knows why...), and I think Safari doesn't approve of javascript loading of the frame to an unsecure location (namely livejournal).
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Neko (lofulah)

Breast Missiles!

Especially on a dinosaur. A T-rex-typed thing, to be specific. Hehehe. So weird~

Ok, enough random raw digimon episodes.

Ya know, why isn't anime subtitled in the US by default? Think of how it would increase the reading skills of kids. And it'd be cheaper too, since new voice artists wouldn't have to be hired....

Oh, and yes, I have located season 1 and 2 of Digimon, english dubs. Which means subbing could be done partially by transcribing the english dub and mixing that with what I do understand. I think the japanese opening song is so much better too.

And one last thing. Why do really silly sound effects get put into the english versions? It's useless and unnecessary. Like when Gatomon (Tailmon!?) jumped off a wall, there was an added spoing/bounce sfx that's not in the Japanese version.

Hmm, and on understanding things, I have the most trouble with random nouns. =.= Verbs aren't as bad.

I'm studying. Really! I am! Really! >.>
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Neko (lofulah)

Done with exams! Wheee~! And a free iPod (3rd Gen)

Now to pack, clean the apartment, run some last minute errands...

CLCV115 should be a B-. I think, based only on the number of multiple choice problems I was absolutely sure on... which was approximately 62/110. Not a very good number, but this was "absolutely sure". The rest... we'll have to see how lucky I am. Most problems I had eliminated at least one answer, so 1/3 chance... If I'm very unlucky and get everything wrong, I'll have a C+. 30% right... borderline B/B-. Joy. Will need a 87.5% guessing accuracy in order to get a B+. Heh, that ain't happening.


And a wonderful person on the macwarriors mailing list had a broken 3rd gen iPod - like the one I had. But apparently the hard drive was busted, so he said he would give it away to anyone who wanted it. So I have an iPod now! ::much glee:: Came with a dock too~!

Now to see how badly the hard drive is messed up.... if at all? ::knocks on wood::

[edit] Huh, hard drive doesn't look messed up. It's not taking the firmware update though... o.O I hope it's not a bad flash memory issue like mine eventually turned out to be.......

[append #2] Ok, silly me - iPod needs to be rebooted to actually "install" the update. Doh~ Update installed. Looks like I can put music onto it. (I think) I ran a surface scan using the iPod tools (back+forward+select at boot, then HDD Check). It said things were good. All other diagnostics said things were good too.
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