December 29th, 2006

Neko (lofulah)

Home again.

Yeah. Mmm, maybe a bit of a more substantial post when the floor stop spinning, I get some food in me, and finish unpacking.

I kinda want sleep too.

-New Years Party
-Karen's christmas story "challenge" thingie.. eh heh heh.
-LJ -> Xanga crossposter hasn't been running for way too long. Updates pending.

Vague announcements:
-I have a iPod Shuffle 2nd Gen. Total cost to me: $13, more or less. Expect pictures.
-The used iPod 3rd Gen that I got for free and fixed runs for a full 9 hours. Better than the expected time.
-I can issue invites again, since the remaining few days before the new year = only uploads counted, so ratio's been fixed and kicked into the green.
Neko (lofulah)


Fur-Piled updated. (taps porsupah)
...A nice bit of obvious wisdom there.

This Means War (HP fanfic):
...Yes, that would be the last chapter, part 1 of 3, hence 10a. 10b and 10c have not been released yet.

[edit] moved things around a bit to make a bit more sense.
Neko (lofulah)

Argh. So much dust...

...and so many magazines. I've got Science News, Popular Science, Wired, IEEE Spectrum, C/C++ Users Journal, Physics Today, IEEE Communications, IEEE Potentials, MacWorld, Scientific American, Information Security... most, I think, are not paid for. Or rather, paid with random leftover miles that my dad accumulates.

My room and... well, ok, the entire house, is in serious need of cleaning.

And I've got papers and things all over my desk. Marf. This might take more than the night...

Need to undo jetlag too.