January 30th, 2007

Neko (lofulah)

BBEdit and their anti-piracy measures...

There's an interesting piece of software out there for Mac called BBEdit. Actually, it's a beautiful piece of work, or at least used to be - it's relatively simple to use, but packs just about everything you might need, although there's been recent changes to the GUI that I dislike. (bigger, less icons on the window that you can't make smaller (does not follow MacOS X GUI guidelines...?! ctrl-click doesn't offer options to do text-only, etc.). Line wrapping setup for quickly changing between 80 char and window width.)

But mostly, this post was written because was (and still am) amused (in a good way) by their anti-piracy measures. A large number of serial numbers are accepted. Heck, you are guaranteed to find an acceptable serial number. Take, for example:
BEE850-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXX => even incomplete serials are accepted.
...took me no more than 2 minutes of rapid key...delete...next key...delete... etc, to find those.

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Oh, yeah, Bare Bones Software people - if you guys read this, I'm sorry. Really, someday, when I have a job, and $125 isn't the cost of a textbook for the semester and a very large dent in my spending money, I will come and purchase a copy of BBEdit. Or two copies. By the way, there's at least three serials online, one of which I think may be a legal purchase, and placed online by a misconfigured server. I'm not too sure how you guys can modify the algorithm to take care of those, but.. yeah, best of luck fighting stupid poor users like myself.

...ok, that's enough rambling for today. Back to coding.

In other news...
WHY THE F'ING HELL IS THERE NO GOOD DOCUMENTATION/EXAMPLES FOR ANY OF THE PERL XML/ATOM/RSS FEED MODULES?! ARGH... I swear, if I still don't get anywhere, I'm going to do what I really don't want to do and write it all myself. I'm still trying to snag livejournal's code to see how they do feed syndication, but... Grrrr........