February 5th, 2007

Neko (lofulah)


By way of the delightful xkcd comic xkcd_rss / http://xkcd.com/c219.html (Tangent: mrrr, I want to build fort and.. yeah. T.T World still too big right now. Need to be able to get to the other side in under 3 hours, for less than $200 dollars.)

I came across this community: fort_building.

TODO <= "Build large fort at someone's party."

...I think I'm losing touch with my inner child - Letting go and being randomly silly is getting harder. Then again, I'm more often alone than not these days, with enough homework and extracurricular things to do. Sad much.


I like this song. It's pretty. Not exactly uplifting, but meh, something about the melody makes it yummy. I need to edit this mp3 or maybe the album version to remove the silence, or that not-song-part.

And yes, no musicals were posted today, due to the nasty windchill (-20 last night, and not much better today...) (Lady, thank you for the bomber throw from way back then~ it's being the most useful present I've ever received, I think.), I haven't ventured out of the apartment for the entire day.

School todo:
GER250 essay - mmm, 5 pages by friday, draft by tomorrow. Progress: 0%.
ECE410 homework - need to get started on that. It took forever last time, and it probably won't be better this time.
Need to install matlab.
At some point, I really need to review calculus and basic trig identities or something. Needing to think about them/verify my guesses while doing stuff is slowing me down.
Neko (lofulah)

Oh, yeah... for you mac users...

Adium 1.0 has been released. I see no massive change. Ok, the log window has been written. Preferences have been prettified... but other than that, I already managed to get it to crash on me (modifying account details while offline)...

I still miss the old adium. Someday, when I have time (It's always that, isn't it... need to take the NaNoWriMo approach to these things.), I'll go poke and prod the source code and add the options I need.