March 6th, 2007

Neko (lofulah)

Odd. Can't believe I've never registered here.

Either way, am now a member. Creating an account.

They're perfect for my purposes: looking into creating a stable online place that doesn't cost a large amount.

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Pay-as-you-go system: $1/GB[1]
CGI lisp, perl, python, ruby, and tcl, PHP 4, SSI...
SSH! SSH! They've got SSH!
No https. Not an issue, really. I was only planning on hosting my resume and maybe a list of projects...
No takedowns[2]
The money I send to them is mine. Refunds are (supposedly) easy to obtain, according to their FAQ. It's like a bank.[3]
Minimum payment required to start an account is a $.25 PayPal micropayment
No Ads.
No cron (eh... meh.), no FastCGI, no mod_perl, mod_ruby, mod_python, Java Servlets.
No persistent processes.
They amuse me[4]

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[append] Oooh, they gave me $.02. That's enough for 1 GB of bandwidth and hmm... 31 megabyte-days? Assuming two files, 5000 bytes, 17.8 years, according to Google. Or, given that my resume is about 74 KB, about a year.
Neko (lofulah)

LiveJournal news...

Mass Privacy Editing. Paid/Perm only for now (ETA few days).
Max friends has been raised to 1000 for Free/Plus/Early, and 200 for Paid/Perm.
More virtual gifts.
LiveJournal's First Non-Fiction Essay Contest. $500 prize + $500 to charity of choice.
Sell bits and pieces of your soul for LJ Gift Certificates, redeemable for anything non-physical.