March 16th, 2007

Neko (lofulah)

LJ: Perm accounts, LJ:new beta schema (pretty!), and very-much-amused, uiuc guests

LiveJournal is having a permanent account sale again. Whee.

I still need to fully complete (and maybe kick into beta) my Google summer of code project for LJ. Meep. ::hides:: Ouqi's stuff is keeping me busy between school and other stuff though.

New Vertigo scheme.
Ish pretty. Ish also beta, but eh.


And I love xkcd so much. Make sure you hover over the image for the alt text.


Append: Oh, this is spiffy. I can now 'sponsor' guests, so they can use the university wireless while on campus.
Neko (lofulah)

Sweeet..... [edit:] Oh, no. Oh, no! Bad, bad Ben!

I can pick the dead-bolt lock for my apartment.

Unfortunately, the side effect of picking it is that it mess up the lock ^^;; and the key is needed to push the pins back into place.

Yeah, so uhmm... because it's a dead-bolt lock, it turns more than a full 180 degrees, causing the spacer (the thing that adds an extra space to the lock, allowing for different keys to open it) to fall into the keyway (the empty space where the key goes).

See diagram here:

Not thinking all to clearly, I didn't take the proper countermeasures (pushing the long end of the tension tool up against the inside of the keyway, where the flat side of the key would have been.) And so the bad and terrible happened: at least one spacer dropped into the keyway.

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But yeah, have learned how to take apart a basic dead-bolt and key it to a certain key, as necessary. Chances are, I won't be able to do so for most master-slave keys that use spacers, as I would have no clue which key was the master... and I really wouldn't want to try.

And I will never try to pick the apartment dead-bolt lock unless there's an emergency. :P Never again. Jeeze.