April 2nd, 2007

Neko (lofulah)

Wow... / todo / meditation, modified

...Good Lord, it's been a long time since I've listened to this.


Tuesday: J-net Barcrawl.
Thursday: ECE440 hour exam (oh fuck), ECE410 Biweekly Quiz (Oh fuck, again)
Friday: GER250 Final Essay Initial Draft due (8-13 pages)


I will face the hard and the difficult this week, test and papers, both school and extracurricular: they will be all around. But their numbers and the difficulties they pose does not mean I have to panic and stress. For my own part, I know my path; my ability enables me to get through this. My paw raised against this challenge, prepared to strike. I shall walk through this week as all other walk through their weeks, but seeing and knowing I am not alone, doing my duties as I should; taking one step at a time.

Silently shall I strive to go my way, as They do, doing my work unseen; the light needs no reminding by me of good deeds done by night. And in this long progress through all that is, though I will know doubt and fear in the strange places where I must walk, I will put these both aside, as the Oath requires, and hold myself to my work ... for if They and I together cannot mend what is marred, who can—?

I can.
I will.
I shall.

*This was from the meditation as recited by Rhiow, in one of Diane Duane's books, however, I modified the first bit. The second half (second paragraph here), I left as is.
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Neko (lofulah)

ECE440: Meep; Thermal Conductive crap on Processor

I'm still some 2-3 weeks behind in my readings. 50 pages. And each page goes rather slowly. Damn material for being so difficult. Stupid P/N junctions. At least stuff does makes sense. Mostly.

Back to the apartment now to finish ECE410 homework. ::whimpers:: Maybe I should just conveniently forget about the J-net barcrawl tomorrow. I'm supposed to go though, being an officer and all that. And it does still leave me with enough time to finish the reading. I'm just scared. (ECE440 exam's on thusday, 4 PM. ECE410 homework's due at 5 tomorrow, biweekly quiz at 7 PM on thusday.) Ugh. Then the rest of the time thursday night/friday morning will go towards the draft due friday... oh, wait, that's been pushed back to "e-mail TA by 5 PM". :\ Still would rather get it done before then, so I can sleep and work on Highbrow for the remainder of the afternoon. I like that plan.

Meditation is helping. Kinda. Not absurdly stressed. We think.


On a whole other note, I've come to the conclusion that I failed when I put my PC together - I have an AMD Athelon 3700+, and idle temps around 60ºC, which, from what I can tell, seems to be pretty high. I'm pretty sure I put way too much thermal conductive stuff when I first put it together... So I've gone and purchased Arcticlean and Arctic Silver, with plans to clean and reapply the conductive stuff between the processor and the heatsink. May also lap the heatsink (following http://www.techpowerup.com/articles/cooling/air/39), although that would mean an extra trip somewhere to pick up sandpaper.

So question for the people who are more familiar with systems building: What do I need to remember/keep an eye on when I redo the thermal stuff?