April 16th, 2007

Neko (lofulah)

Vista scares me.

First the icky stuff with their license and terms of use.

And now... after receiving a free copy (Collapse )) of Windows Vista when they came to do a talk (Collapse )). So, out of curiosity and deep dislike for ECE440, I've decided to insert the CD/DVD to see what the installation looks like. Not actually installing, mind you - Don't have backups of the PC stuff right now and I don't want to have to reinstall apache and svn...

But to my main point: At the "enter product key" bit, it cheerfully states, "Although you are not required to enter your product key now to install, failure to enter it may result in the loss of data, information and programs. You may be required to purchase another edition of Windows Vista."

What The Hell, M$? WTH? Scare tactics are not appreciated. And attempts to cover your arse due to potential issues as a result of incorrect licenses are not appreciated either.


Also, the installation disc is way too shiny and gaudy. Kinda like a fake product that's been dressed up to look better than it actually it.

Oh wait, what am I saying? It's Windows. Windows Vista.
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Neko (lofulah)

Endless.com:Negative $5 Overnight Shipping?


By way of Amazon.com.

Quoting part of the text-alternative e-mail:
Endless Shoes & Handbags


Special limited-time promotion! Overnight Shipping is Negative $5.

That's right, we pay you for overnight shipping. (Really!)


Meet Endless.com

Just as Amazon.com revolutionized the way you shop for books and music,
we've built a new
way to shop for shoes and handbags. Best of all, Overnight Shipping is
FREE. (Really!)


FREE Overnight Shipping
FREE Return Shipping
110% Price Guarantee
FREE 365-day Returns


I may take advantage of this to try to get a new pair of dress shoes... Mostly, it was the hassle of having to return things that don't fit have prevented me from trying to buy clothing online. But with "365-day returns" and free return shipping... it might be spiffy.

[edit] stupid long-ass link fixed. So it's not long-assy.
Neko (lofulah)

Google Games news, Random killings...

Two completely unrelated bits of news. First, by way of our local/university newspaper:
...covering the google games.


The second, more sober bit of news is the death of 29-32 (exact number unconfirmed by news articles) students/people at Virginia Tech. The last being the gunman - although it has not been confirmed if it was a suicide, or if he was shot by police.

Apparently, he killed one person at 7 AM, then the rest at one of the engineering buildings on the Virginia Tech campus.


Facebook group: http://uillinois.facebook.com/group.php?gid=2305046635
Neko (lofulah)

J-Net 'Host Club' Event

I can't believe it took me 4 hours to get this up and looking decent.

https://netfiles.uiuc.edu/ro/www/JapanInterculturalNetwork/hostclub07/ (note: no actual people-profiles yet, since I haven't been given those. So there's assorted randomness up.)

(Background: J-net's (Japan Intercultural Network) doing a host 'bar' fundraiser. We've got a lot of hosts lined up - now just with hopes that we'll get customers. Heheh. Link to Wikipedia on "Hostess Bar" for those who don't know what it is.)

Mostly it's the Illustrator bit. I couldn't figure out how to draw nice paths. So about 1-2 hours after being frustrated, I pulled an image from google and had Illustrator generate a path for me. That worked. Then... I tried to do fancy stuff, but.. that failed. ::sighs:: Have learned about bit more about Illustrator though.

But yes, page done in time for next week's event. I think I was asked to get it up by next monday, but.. eh.

Homework now. Yarr. Oh, food first. Meep, completely forgot about dinner - and jeeze, it's 10. ^^;;; Now if I could only achieve the same focus on homework like I focus on creating webpages and designing layouts...

[edit] whoops, wrong link!
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