May 12th, 2007

Neko (lofulah)

I'm home

Home again.

ACen report and pictures to come a bit later.

Feeling "Sad and lonely". Marf. Miss being / around hordes of people.

Sister is watching Meteor Garden on YouTube or whatever it's called. Oh dear?
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Neko (lofulah)


Stayed up all night packing. Yay, packing. Got too much stuff in the apartment. Ugh. Left the living room a mess, after stripping boxes from our Mountain-Of-Boxes (was used as target practice for throwing knives for a while).

Got picked up at 7 AM. Died on the drive up to Chicago.

Prereg: (~11 AM? 12 AM?)
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Eventually, I got to the cash registers, paid $40, was thrown a $10 ("Here's some money, now go away." was the exact words, I believe. I was amused.) - I presume prices were lowered to keep people from bitching out the staff. My badge was printed within 10 minutes, and I was out of there. W00t.

Called the people I was with, and was located and taken to our hotel room. We changed into costume and headed back... (I was Ritsuka, from Loveless. I'm the one with ears and black hair. The blond, taller one is Soubi, my "Fighter". A friend dressed up as Soubi, and the girls found chains and made the cuffs. They started falling apart in the end - sorry 'bout that. We were... rather rough with them at times.)

Dealer's Room: (3 PM - 7 PM)
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I managed to escape our chains for a short bit and look at all the other dealers booths - in short, there was a lot of manga, some dojinshi (mmm, Yaoi Harry Potter stuff), lots of cat ears, some tails, a nice leatherworking stall with lots of stuff (Ooooh, cat-of-nine-tails! Or some sort of multi-stranded leather whip.), a ton of swords (shiiiiiny), and lots of plushies and keychains and stuff. Oh, and there were some import games as well.

Didn't really spend much time at the Artists corner as I probably should have - only recognized AppleGeeks from the ones that I follow. I think there was other stuff too, but I was tired and not too fond of walking after having been on my feet for pretty much the entire time.

Then we went back to the hotel to order pizza, rest (I passed out for another 30 minutes), before heading back out around 9 PM. We met up with Denise, Chris, and eventually Jenny, then Stephanie. While standing around and waiting for Jenny, we took some group pictures, some individual pictures... a more professional photographer person came by and took pictures of us. We got his card - I need to check his website later. Glomp count during this period: +1 or +2.

Pictures, games, and panels, oh my!:
Met up with Jenny. Wandered down to the game room (eeee, Para Para Paradise! Or whatever it was called.) Didn't get a chance to play though. Grr, should have insisted on stopping and trying the game. There was also a lot of other beat-based things. Marf. Took more pictures. Posed. And took more pictures. Got asked to be photographed. Posed. Got squeals. Was amused. Wandered back upstairs to check out some of the panels, was intercepted by apparently the editor(?) of some anime magazine (AnimeFood, I believe), and she squealed and took pictures of us (I was still chained to Soubi). I may appear in the July copy. Hmm. She said to call her around mid-July.

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Neko (lofulah)

Arrrgh. Fucking Windows

Hate you so much. Why don't you just work, goddamnit? I can take a mac hard drive, bring it to another mac, plug it in, and it'll boot properly off said second hard drive.

But with windows... argh. What the hell.

Oh, lovely, not only will it not work, it has also decided to tell me I'm not running "geniune" windows. Oh well, there doesn't appear to be too much of a difference between "geniune" crap and crap... as long as it doesn't do stupid things like, shutting down randomly, or not running what I need it to run... then that's fine. Be normal crap for all I care.

https/svn/trac server back up. Hurrah! Required steps: ran all the installers. downloaded xampp, ran the apache service installer. Modified the Apache2 service to point to the proper apache. Rebooted. Discovered I had to uninstall the random IIS service I installed (it ate my 80 and 443 port. Hrumph). Rebooted it again. Tested... it's working!