May 31st, 2007

Neko (lofulah)

Damn... LiveJournal pedo/incest/whatnot drama~

In short, if people have not yet heard, LiveJournal went and suspended around 500 journals after a certain group (Warriors for Innocence) reported them.

Panic spread, people were quite upset.

And two days later, we have an apology on the LJ news journal. Along with, what apparently is, the max number of comments: 5003

I'm surprised at the unwillingness for people to start forgiving LJ... the first page of comments are all angry, "Why the fuck did it take so long? You told someone else first! Rawr, rawr, rawr!" and nitpicking at wording in the post. Jeeze, people... They made a mistake, at least they fessed up to it in two days, as opposed to however months it was for Sony to get around to responding to their rootkit issue. Or Apple just not really responding to their hardware problems...

I have more to say (notably on the censorship issue), but it'll have to wait until later, when I get off work.