June 5th, 2007

Neko (lofulah)

Life, work

I'm tired. It's been 1 week since I signed papers for employment for the IT/Lackey job at Georgetown Univ.'s Radiology Department. It's an hour by metrobus, getting up around 7:20 to shower, change, pack, catching the T2 River Road bus around 7:49 or 8:13, getting to Friendship Heighs around 8:35 or 8:50 and then transferring onto one of the 30's that travel Wisconsin Ave, getting into work around 9 or 9:15.

Then I sit at my desk and do assorted things, from reading about IHE and SharePoint to poking around on M$ Office 2007 (On Vista. Vista shiny. More on this later.) and M$ SharePoint 2007. I've also gotten a chance to make use of my crappy SQL/HTML Injecting testing skills to trigger errors in a survey a coworker's writing up. Lunch is usually done at my desk as well, which means I'm practically sitting there for about 8 hours. Am trying to avoid this with periodic visits to the water cooler and occasionally, the bathroom.

I'm pretty certain this isn't what I want to do in my future though. I mean, sitting and learning is good, but it's a bit on the passive side. I'd rather get challenges, coding stuff and whatnot, I think. If I can get into the mood, coding for several (4-7) hours is perfectly fine with me, provided it's an interesting problem or project. I suppose I'd be just as happy creating or inventing stuff, so.. working in a lab? ::shrugs:: Whatever.

But yeah. I don't really look forward to work, which is kinda sad. But I need the money, and I need to be around people. So that is good. Too bad there aren't any cute girls my age there. Heh. =.=;;

Another hour or hour and a half (T2 comes every 20-30 minutes, so if I miss one, my travel time increases by quite a bit :\ ) before I reach home, eat dinner alone (family's usually eaten by the time I get back: 1800-1900), and sit down to play with perl and RSS/Atom feeds. Occasionally, there's a bit of Kingdom Hearts or random anime thrown in around 11, if I can't get into the code, but otherwise... bed around midnight or one, and then... another day gone, and a similar day to follow.


In random other news, I've picked up Doukutsu, a 5-year old (?) freeware sidescrolling game that somehow picked up a decent fanbase. Enough to get it ported to Mac (and Linux, I believe) and translated from Japanese to English. Just google it, you can't miss it. Heck, it's even getting released to PSP and someone's porting it over to Nintendo DS or Advance (forget which).

It reminds me of Megaman, but with a better storyline and more exploring. I only wish there were more save points... especially at the end. I'll have to do another playthrough too, to get to the hard ending. Ugh, not really looking forward to doing some of those tricky jumps without the machine-gun flying bit...
Neko (lofulah)

Vista: I am the shiny!

Windows needs your permission to continue:
"Vista is trying to be shiny. Allow or Deny?"

I think that sums up Vista. (Running Ultimate)

In more words, and a more serious review of the new operating system:
Yes, it is shiny. No, the system I'm running it on only reaches 2.0 compatibility, the limit being the video card. So I don't think I'm seeing the full extent of the shiny-ness.

I've had to restart once, when it froze completely. I've also had to put it to sleep (a 2 minute long process) and wake it up again when the display wouldn't update other than the mouse.

There are a lot of permission questions: While it's good, kinda like proper firewall warning when something's trying to connect outside, I think normal users will start to ignore it after a while. And there's things like stopping updates that really shouldn't require the "Please, sir, may I do such and such?". And dimming the screen so only the permission dialogue is visible? Also unnecessary. Although I understand the reasoning behind it.

The new start menu is.. eh. Prettier, but I think I prefer seeing the entire list of programs, instead of having to scroll in that small space.

On the bright side, there hasn't been anything that I've run into that's really frustrated or annoyed me. So that's several points in Vista's favor. Of course, I'm only using this machine to do normal user stuff: none of the more geeky things, like installing Apache or MySQL... heck, everything on here that I've installed has been a Microsoft product.


Eww. I'm being converted. Dear computer gods, save me~ Crash my Vista box so that I may bask in the crappiness of Windows.