June 16th, 2007

Neko (lofulah)

VLC: Ripping streams as RAW

Probably of interest to evrdream33.

I did manage to save a copy of the Tiny Ninja Theater Shakespeare things that played on the Millennium Theatre at the Kennedy Center. But unfortunately, I couldn't find proper software to rip rm streams, and saved the first one using VLC as RAW and the second one using both mplayer and vlc - the former using the -dumpstream option, and the latter using the RAW option.

Unfortunately, I discovered that I have no idea how to convert the raw streams into something I can view, and RealPlayer refuses to play the raw streams. When I find time, I'll try to compare the output from mplayer with the output from vlc - I know mplayer's dumpstream adds the data information to the head of the file, and as a result, RealPlayer will actually agree to read the file... but it refuses to play the files that were streamed live, while files that were recorded and then streamed-on-request play perfectly fine. XP

Stupid RealPlayer...

I didn't think it was that interesting though. Yay, little figures. Yay shakespeare? :\ The Reduced Shakespeare Company (I think that was the name...) was much more interesting to watch.