July 16th, 2007

Neko (lofulah)

Harry Potter, Otakon, and the MacBook Pro

Harry Potter:
-Saw the movie. Was not impressed - it felt like a rough outline of a plot, zoomed in on certain events. Not worth going into theaters.
-The next book has been leaked, however, it's incomplete. There's 495 pages floating around online, taken with a camera - you can see the hand holding down the book. A... impressive attempt - the processes must have been quite tedious. But really, they could have held the camera closer to the book... I could fix it up so that reading it would easier on the eyes. But honestly - not that desperate right now.

...Or, you know, they're irrationally worried about sales, so they did this, releasing 70% of the book online, so people would want to buy the book when it comes out.

Friend is not going. Other friend is a very vague (she's got decent reasons) maybe. I suspect I'll be selling my badge.

MacBook Pro:
I can watch high quality 1080p trailers! Without lag! So happy. ::watches the The Golden Compass trailer::

And heat - not too bad. I've seen the CPU peak at 74ºC, but it hasn't gone higher than that. Enclosure temperature claims to be 39ºC, I believe, and it's painfully uncomfortable. But that only happens when I'm compiling stuff and using the processor really heavily. Otherwise, it cools down nicely to around 50-60ºC (CPU)

Why is my room consistently a mess?
Neko (lofulah)

T-Mobile To-Go: Recharging oddities

I picked up a "bonus" $25 recharge card when I bought a quadband phone for my dad from T-mobile (All together, it was about $50. Factoring in the $25 refill card, and the original $10 activation minutes, the phone itself costed $15. Which is _very_ good, considering how it was quad band and had bluetooth and just about everything except for a camera.)

But I digress. We're not going to use that phone much, so I decided to use the $25 recharge card on my own phone. T-mobile's system is odd: Apparently, the cost per minute is calculated based on last recharged amount. So when I recharged with the $25 card, my cost per minute rose from 10 cents per minute to 14 cents per minute. And a quick check revealed approx. 250 minutes = $30. Then I added $100 to my phone, making it drop back down to 10 cents per minute. So now I've got $130 = 1300 minutes.

Lesson of the story here? If you use T-mobile to-go, and you happen to have random recharge cards on hand, do those first, then recharge with $100 to get the best cost per minute deal.