August 21st, 2007

Neko (lofulah)

Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking

I really, really recommend this book. It's worth the time spent on reading it, especially if the sort that enjoys watching people and trying to figure things out. Even if you're not, it's probably still worthwhile reading.

Try it.

Not done reading it yet; up to page 80ish. Will edit as I read more.

(Hmm. Things to do:
1. Figure out the positive nuances and use them in public. Suspect I'm already employing these. Need to be able to enable those in interviews. May consult a recruiter friend to see if he's aware of them.
2. Already people watching. Have attained some skill to make good snap judgments on people. Tested at least thrice, and told I was primarily accurate on all counts.
3. Locate the change that happens when 'primed', and duplicate that. => links to the whole more-self-esteem/larger-ego suggestion from 'melly.
4. Start noticing when I make snap judgements, and then poke at the 'locked door' to see why. While understanding that I may not be able to pinpoint an exact why, because I'm not skilled enough to peg all of the actual things like, body positioning and amount of makeup.)

priming... huh. That explains why some songs 'cause me to be slightly more depressed - Evanescence, for example. While others, like Superchick and a number of Christian bands, tends to be a lot more upliffing.

filter has finally kicked in: Examples in this book may have been selected to be true and support the author's opinion. So things should be taken with a grain of salt. Still, a nice set of tool to make use of. And one can never have too many tools.

priming, mental flag/alert: This would also explain why some stories I read online come across as a lot more hopeful and positive. Causing me to go back to reread them on occasions. Examples of this include Jeconais' Harry Potter fanfiction as well as "Tanj's tales" (the latter is NOT worksafe and probably not suitable for most of ya~). Before (and well, still), I would have said that the stories had contained a lot of "hope" in them. I had noticed the effects, but now I know what might be the reason. Next step: Go back and see if that's really the reason.
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