December 25th, 2007

Neko (lofulah)

"your friends only posts have been stolen" - yeah, right.

1:13:33 AM shifeaschink: your friends only posts have been stolen: [see broken link below]
1:13:34 AM Ben (Autoreply): Huh, I'm missing something somewhere...
1:13:47 AM shifeaschink: Thanks for that BJ at school ;)

Broken link:
http://--MYLIVEJOURNALUSERNAME-- .on .nimp .org / ?u=bantown

Wary, I opened up firefox and opened it there. Rather... nasty. Definitely not worksafe. And announces loudly "I'm looking at gay porn" repeatedly, while moving the window away from you... Oh, and according to this post, it installs, or tries to install, a shitload of nasty crap. SO UNLESS YOU KNOW WHAT YOU'RE DOING, DO NOT RECONSTRUCT THE LINK AND CLICK IT.

Checking google for "your friends only posts have been stolen", I came across this post:

If you are curious, here's a copy of the filtered (so I don't have tons of odd words I don't need) source code, snagged using wget:
Collapse )

Oh, this is interesting. Apparently it throws you into a chatroom with tons of other people?