April 20th, 2008

Neko (lofulah)

The Kid Inside(From'Is There Life After High School')

Man 1:
There's a kid inside,
And I have him with me always.
Women 2:
There's a kid inside,
Walking down old high school hallways.
Women 1&3, Men 2,3,4:
There's a kid inside,
Women 3:
At a desk
Woman 1, Man 2:
At a dance,
Woman 2, Man 3:
In the halls,
Man 4
In the showers.
All together
There's a kid inside,
Man 1:
To this very day.
Man 5:
And he make a try
For the high pop fly
That I fumbled one september.
Woman 4:
And she makes a fuss
Over some A+
That I shouldn't still remember.
All together:
And he goes along
5 voices:
Getting hurt,
4 voices:
Getting mad,
All together:
Fighting fights that are over.
And unless I'm strong,
All my senses are carried away.
Woman 3:
I can feel John's hand
Man 5:
My Trembling hand
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The Kid Inside(From'Is There Life After High School')

Posting this, because I heard this on my shuffle, but had a harder time locating the original song (as in, it actually took several google queries to locate the original song. And there was only two sources, which is kinda sad.)

So here's another source for the lyrics of this song. Obviously, posted without permission - to the publisher/author/owner of the copyright, if you have problems with me advertising your content, please reply to this post or send me an e-mail. (To clarify, my goal in posting this here is so people can find it, if they hear it somewhere and want to identify it, they'll be able to).
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