November 6th, 2008

Neko (lofulah)

Detective Conan ED

ashita ga mienai mainichi ni
In all those days where a future was unsure

anata wo suki ni natte yokatta
I'm glad that I fell in love with you

zutto kawaranai kimochi de itai
I want to stay loving you forever

hibiki au ima wo tomete
by stopping the time echoing in my heart

futari ni naru no ga kowakatta
I used to be scared of being together with someone

hito to ga kowa kaerarenai keredo
Although I can't change others or the past

jibun no koto mirai no yume wa kaete ikeru
I can change myself and my dreams for the future

anata shika mienai
You're the only one I see

kureyuku machi setsunasa ga tsunoru
Sorrow piles up in the darkening city

yawara kana kaze no naka zutto
Forever in a warm and soft breeze

shinji ai nagara futari itsumade mo
We'll be together, believing in each other

june bride I'll be with you
ジューンブライド、I'll be with you
June Bride, I'll be with you.

Detective Conan, Ending song 21
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Neko (lofulah)

Damn, ok... combination bicycle locks suck

I just found a combination bicycle lock that someone was throwing out (I'm 100% sure it was being thrown out - it was on the ground next to a large amount of used things - looks like someone was moving out and just cleaning out their house).

I managed to find two of the number by stretching it moderately - I rotated it one number at a time, hitting --39, when suddenly it moved a tiny bit and the 3 and 9 refused to budge. Then I pulled harder and rotated the first two numbers. Around 20-something, it popped open. Ideally, a good lock won't reveal this weakness - I should had to try all 1,0000 combinations.

Total time spent: less than 4 minutes. It was a Schwinn coil bike lock, by the way. Nothing against Schwinn - my last bike was a Schwinn and I was rather fond of it. But it had a lock like this, and both bike and lock got stolen, along with other stuff on the bike. So... now I understand how I might have locked it, and then it ran off.

So... using these locks to secure your bike = probably not the best of ideas. I mean, the method I used involved pulling pretty hard on the lock by putting my legs through the coil and stretching it, so both my hands could turn the numbers.