Benjamin Juang (ibneko) wrote,
Benjamin Juang


I really ought to get a picture of myself up on thefacebook. Anyone got suggestions? I know people have pictures of me ¬.¬

(Looking through my archives of digital photos, I actually don't have that many pictures of myself... o.O not too many good ones, anyways.)

Actually, Lady, do you have those pictures of me that you took at the last drama picnic? I don't recall you posting them, and I can't find them either.

I suppose I could use pictures from prom or post prom... Got a random assortment of pictures of me in a collar (and with cat ears) as well, but I'm not posting those up XD.

-Pictures from this year that seem ok-

[edit 2]
Sheesh, I look like a moron in all but the last one. Which is the rather bizarre one of me with the bicycle lock around my neck. -.-;;; (granted, it'll be smaller, so it won't be as obvious... but still.)

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