Benjamin Juang (ibneko) wrote,
Benjamin Juang

Movies today~

Catwoman - Meh. Bad movie, not worth the money. Circle of cats scene was kinda cool, although it was just... a uneven circle of cats. :P If it was a straight circle, with glowing yellow lines and runes appearing, now that would be cool to watch. And what was that slip out through jail bars thing? ::snorts:: I think it was only so we could watch her boobs. =-.-=;;; Didn't like the actual catwoman outfit though... I think full bodysuits are more preferable. I dunno.

Butterfly Effect - Mmmm, stupid idiot overreacted with the bat during the time-scheme where he was in a frat. WTF. Don't beat up your girlfriend's little bro. Sure, coming at you with a bat was wrong and bad of him, but you got him down with mace, disarm him, and let the cops take care of the rest! Eh well. It was a dark movie though. And very bloody. Neko is highly disturbed by the violent kids. ::shudders::

50 First Dates - Awwww.... hehe, but awww... gay guy amused me though. And her brother. ::snickers:: But this was my favorite of the three that I watched today. Hehehe. The whole talking to animals and watching them respond was a tad strange though. Almost overdoing it there.

Beyond the movies, it was good to see people again today. Really wish my sister wouldn't make such a fuss/scene when I tell her that we ought to go. ::grumbles quietly:: I know she thinks it's amusing, and most people find it cute, but I think she should grow up a bit. And yes, I told her that on the way to the car. Don't think she really listened though. ::sighs:: (Yes, we could have stuck around with everyone for a while longer, but meh.)

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