Benjamin Juang (ibneko) wrote,
Benjamin Juang


Somehow, between Lunar: SSSC and general sorting of stuff on computer, to prepare for the transition from my desktop to a new iBook, I lost a previous planned post... A random bird flew into our window this late afternoon, around 5. Dunno how it happened, our windows are dirty. Either way, it ended up stunned on the ground for a while afterwards. And then managed to recover enough to get away, in awkward looking flaps and hops - it kept landing on it's back - from my sister and me. It was sort of a dark blue... ::shrugs::

Took pictures, may post later when I get unlazy and feel like taking the steps required to download images and post them. If people are interested enough, anyhow.

...Still need to pick a photo for my thefacebook profile.

[edit - minor typos fixed -.-]

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