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Got a cellphone. Nextel, 400 min/250 walkie-talkie, with nights and weekends, and nationwide long distance, split over two phones, one for me, and the other for my mom. Includes pay as you go text messaging service... so that's .10 per message.

Chose Nextel only because they offered a discount for gov. employees, which includes my dad. Yay for 20% discounts off the monthly bill. Total still comes up to around $45ish though. Got discounts for the cellphone as well.

Anyways, it's shiny, and yellow, and looks nice and durable. There looks like there's net support, but I'm not sure how to get to it, or what restrictions apply. (B/w screen. Not doing too much surfing on this thing.)

It also seems to have the capability to act as a modem? Or something like? I dunno... o.O dial-up access, maybe? Portable+line to cellphone = dialup? Can that be done? Using the portable's modem? And the cellphone as a telephone source? (Think terminator 3? If you speak the tones and squeals....)

It doesn't take pictures though. O.o but I never planned on picture taking, so that's not really a minus.

okey, enough rambling on about cellphones...


Waiting for:
iPod (20 GB, 4 gen, for Dad, courtesy of the jam and cram (hm, typoed cramp.) promo from apple)
iBook, 14.1', 1 GB, 40GB HD, w/Airport extreme and an s-vid out.
HP Printer (:P would prefer epson, as that's what our printers have always been, but hey, free printer, couldn't resist~)
iSight. So you guys can see my ugly face. Or so people at home can see me. Assume I can find a workaround for crapass bandwidth restriction.

Total price for all of the above? 1757. After spiffy rebates? 1468. :-) I like rebates. Yay Apple.

Now what's the chance that they'll get MacOS 10.4 out and offer a free upgrade, so I can get official software, instead of pirated evils?


Oooh, and the cellphone vibrates! =^_____^=

Sorry, just had to mention that. It really doesn't vibrate long enough or hard enough to do anything. And no, I haven't tried. Stop looking at me like that.

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