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IBNeko's Journal-Nyo~!
Oooh, yeah~
And I made a cake yesterday. Teehee. Ok, so it was one of those box things, and the icing (too damn sweet, btw) was also premade, so all I had to do was mix, dump (in pan), and bake.

But I made a cake! (well, no, two cakes, since I used two containers...)

And now I'm eating it for breakfast. O.o

Current Mood: yay for me~ yay for me~ yay..

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porsupah From: porsupah Date: July 29th, 2004 02:37 pm (UTC) (Link)
See? You can have your cake and eat it too.
ibneko From: ibneko Date: July 31st, 2004 08:25 am (UTC) (Link)
Yes, I can~
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