Benjamin Juang (ibneko) wrote,
Benjamin Juang


Posting from my new iBook. Yay~ Over Airport Extreme as well...

iPod arrived as well, and dad's happily playing with that. Have to say I don't like the click wheel that much. Moving parts=bad?

And also found out that the hp printer doesn't apply for the discount. Grrr... Need to decide between keeping it anyways ($89.99) vs. trying to sell it on amazon or eBay. Probably amazon... would maybe get a higher price there.

::grumbles darkly:: should have read the fine print. just realized that the iPod was charging off his portable, which wasn't plugged in and
draining the battery.

This weekend shall be devoted to figuring out what part of my 200GB+ system I need transfered to my 40GB iBook. And I randomly only have 27GB left. o.O Yes, there's GarageBand, AppleWorks, iDVD (wtf? I can't burn DVDs on this thing anyways!), and assorted other software that I should remove to save space, 'cause I'll never use it anyways. Music will have to stay on my iPod or something. 15 GB of it, out my 20-25 GB collection of random OSTs and assorted DDR Songs, Musicals, Techno/Trance and J-pop/Anime music recorded off of DI-Eurodance and Japan-A-Radio. (is that what it's called? It's been a while since I listened to it.)

Anyways, enough of this for now. I need to go eat lunch, and stop playing with shiny new portable (and damn, it's shiny!), cause it's getting rather hot and starting to burn my lap. This might become a problem. o.O

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