Benjamin Juang (ibneko) wrote,
Benjamin Juang


System's back up.

I techbabble a lot, tis seems =^.-= Oh well. Will keep on babbling, as that's what this journal's for. To catch my overflowing thoughts when I feel like pretending to share it with the world.

Bweeeee, I'm not too bad at ping pong. (As in, could be a lot worse.) Have unnessary arm motions, but hey, who gives~ I'm not playing pro. But playing against parents is fun~ (Me 10, Mom 20 | Me 4, Dad 20)

You know, I should write thoughts that aren't so overflowing, but more of a me, the core, inner me, in a journal. May wish to come back and revisit such thoughts. Dunno how to pull them up thought... Oh, my little fish, where art thou? And bring your friends too~ I've got an ocean to hide you in, and guests and friends to show you to!

Hm, yes. Hope roommate contacts me back. Preferably by e-mail, and not by phone, since if he decides to call when it's 9 or 10 for him, it'd be what... 12? or 1 for me. o.O Which maybe interesting, getting the phone that late at night.

Wonder what sort of person he is. ::worries muchly:: And I like a quiet place to hide in... Will have to stalk the libraries and assorted building and see what I can find. Preferably somewhere quiet, comfortable. Yes, will also have to find friends to keep me away from that place, so I don't become too much of a hermit.

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