Benjamin Juang (ibneko) wrote,
Benjamin Juang

::mutters:: ...need 0740 access...

chown ben life~

Yeah. Right, we wish.

Off to bed with me, must be up at 8 to resume painting with college works painting peoples and hopefully get my house done. Should also talk with the person who's officially my employer and figure out how much money I'm getting. o.O Shall have to decide if I want to give the money to parents so it's like we're getting a discount of sorts, or if I should keep it and use it for myself. At the moment, minus the stuff I've gotten from the court case settlement (which is all going towards college, as out-of-state tuition sucks much), I'm at +$92 or so in free-spending-money, and not including grandparental gifts, which are for emergencies and such, and really shouldn't be touched (like the settlement money). Let's see.. did 8-4ish, so 10 hours on Thursday. Mmm, should have kept copies of the contract and stuff. Idiot. Have them on the internet though, just lacking signatures and filled in stuff. I dunno. Bed.

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