Benjamin Juang (ibneko) wrote,
Benjamin Juang


Out of xella's spiffy friends advice random rotater thingie, there's a few I'm noting down, either because it applies to me, or because it applies to someone who might be reading. More of the former though. And some of them just amuse me.

Every general statement I make is not aimed at you. Taking it like it is just pisses me off - especially if it wasn't inspired by you in the first place.

I have been known to cause people to bust into tears. Multiple times. That said, if you're being a dumbass, I'm going to say it one way or another.

Saying 'my life sucks' is fine, because sometime it does. What isn't fine is saying it 24/7, just to get attention, because if it hasn't worked the past three times, it's not going to work now.

Song lyrics? They don't say how you feel, just how you relate to what someone else was feeling. Which doesn't exactly get your 'I am alone in my pain' message across very well.

Being a friend sometimes involves calling people on their idiocy. Being a friend sometimes involves being called on your idiocy by people. Being a true friend always involves not letting all that calling piss you off.

I bet you anything at least one person who reads this is going to take it the wrong way and get pissed off with me. Just watch.

Misery loves company. So, to stop being so miserable, stay away from people you might drag down into your own misery. Because then you'll BOTH be miserable.

Coming up with a reason why every possible thing you could do to get rid of your problem won't work means that you really like having it. At least TRY some of the ideas I gave you. I'm not suggesting them to make me look good.

You can't tell me what I can't say: I can't tell you what you can't say. That said, you're not allowed to say anything about this message.

Saying your not always depressed doesn't mean anything when you don't post unless you're upset and want a hug. We just go on what we see.

If I didn't give a damn about you, I wouldn't tell you to shut the hell up. So shut the hell up.

[edit - something not from Xella, but still worth following/remembering~]
I'm never going to ditch someone over a silly, petty disagreement. That's just retarded.

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