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And so it turned out to be a bug. The not-able-to-add-interests-to-my-userinfo thing from... a few posts ago.

Yep~ Yay, I found a bug~

In other news today, I spent the whole day shopping. o.O And now have one (1) mountain of stuff that I'm bringing. Whadahey? o.O I don't want to drag so much to college...... do I?

Granted, a few of those items (well, 30-40% of the mountain) be empty boxes for carrying stuff...

...I still need to add clothes to that pile. Ugh.

Need to move my files from my computer to the laptop. Need to back up better anime series that I want to share. Need to teach sister how to use bittorrent (or see if I can run it remotely) so I can continue to get episodes without the evil limit of university bandwidth restrictions (and general lack of bittorrent port access there).

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