Benjamin Juang (ibneko) wrote,
Benjamin Juang

Hmmm... (seeking advice/opinions)

For those who didn't already know or guess, I've pretty much always worn briefs. They've always been more comfortable... I've tried boxers before, but they felt odd and strange and uncomfortable. Today I tried them again... Have to say they're better now. Or feel more natural now. 'cept it's still kinda strange to have one's dangly bits swinging around. vaguely reminds me of a skirt.

Shall have to go get more boxers though... costco only had one set of medium... The rest were all large (certainly wearable, but, well... larger. which means more material must fit into shorts or pants surrounding the boxers.

What's the difference between male pajamas and female pajamas? Do people really wear pajamas to bed? o.O I tend to go with an extra large t-shirt and briefs, but I think this might disturb people. And I've only been to one sleepover. Which was at least 6 years ago, if not 8-10. And only one guy actually changed into pajamas. The rest of us kinda sat and talked and or pretended to sleep or something. I suppose a t-shirt and boxers wouldn't look as bad as the t-shirt and briefs....... one would think the boxers would keep random erections (and the occational further embarassments) at bay better than the briefs though...
***Note: content of above lj-cut may be slightly disturbing to ladies and people who don't know me that well.

In other random news, I got an iSight. Time and boredom permitting (or upon request), pictures will be taken and posted. It is sexy. Very sexy. And not in that way, although it is only slightly falyky. I need people who can videochat with me!!! (well, umm.. that is.. once I decide to not be awkward about seeing people. Please refer to previous posting about talking.)

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