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I'm leaving so soon. I'm not ready.
Damnit, Ben, you're never going to be ready.
Yeah. Words of wisdom won't help me now~ I've been procrastinating a lot in terms of this getting ready for college business. Like packing, which got dominated by my mom. Most definitely a bad thing... o.O I'm sure we overpacked, but hey, I'm sure I'll learn what I ought to leave behind next time.
Think of it as an extended outdoor-ed trip. Where instead of being in a cabin with 16? other boys, you'll be living with one other boy. On a floor of at least 50. With girls above and below you. Floor-wise, anyways.
I've wasted most of this summer playing PSX RPGs. Lunar 1, Lunar 2, Chrono Cross. Flarestorm2, I'm afraid, isn't the world's best emulator, but unfortunately, it's the only working one for MacOS X. So far.
Tsk. Playing games while you should have been preparing for the chemistry placement exam (2 hours, so it's an exam, not a test).
Meh. I have a chem book open next to me, but we all know it's not going to grant me pearls of knowledge that way. I ought to sleep on it. Maybe even read it, who knows. I'm going to miss to many people. And it's going to be so hard to keep in touch.
Feh, that's just because you're so damn lazy. Just call, e-mail, or maybe write a letter. Granted, mom didn't give us that many stamps, so letters might become not-an-option after a while.
I plan to. The question is, what should I talk about? "Oh, yes, the weather's so nice, we get snow flurries all the time, and they never close school." Of course.
You're hesitating. Dude, you can't even hold a conversation with yourself.
Oh shuddap. I'm hitting post, and then going to check on that DVD that's burning in the other room. I've decided to bring the anime. God knows why.
I'm sure the anime club would appreciate it. Or your roommate, if you manage to get him addicted.
...You know, I ought to ask him if he likes girls...
::snickers:: and what kind of answer are you hoping for?

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