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So much rain. My roommate and I went out at 7... I had to return books, and he needed engineering supplies. (eto... ruler and mechanical pencils). And it started pouring as we tried to get back... We got on a total of 3 busses, the first two telling us that they, although being our route, weren't going to go back to PAR, our dorm. O.o So strange.

Anyways, got majorly soaked, although I discovered that my new backpack (hip pack, really, as it's like what Lady has, since it rests against my hip bones. Well, no, on second thought, it actually bounces against my butt instead of across my back. So umm.. butt pack? hehe... right. moving on.) is decently waterproof. =^.^= As in, none of my books got wet.

First day of classes today. I had (starting at 12, an hour per class):
Japanese 201 - Elementary Japanese, level 1 (odd numbering system, I know. You'd think it'd be 101)
Not too bad. I'm going to regret this, or so something whispers, but I like the teacher. Granted, the pace is a hell lot faster than I think I'd enjoy, but hey, it's college. I actually understood most of the phrases that she used, I think, even without her translating it into english. Emphasis was placed on class participation. Fuck. I won't mind talking to her one-on-one, but in front of the class? Yeah, I know everyone's probably just as bad, but this be stressful. So the solution? Be the best in the class so I don't embarass myself. Grr... That takes work.

Math 242 - Multiple variable calc. With Mathematica, the apparently sexy software.
Egh. I wasn't expecting software. And the was MAJOR emphasis on US learning, and the teacher being the guide. So it's really a self-learn course thing, with us.. exploring. ::sighs:: Shall have to find this piece of software for mac or steal it from the system. The bright side is the lab is stocked with beautiful eMacs and iMacs. And the possibly bad side is the odd homework submission process. Teacher seemed discombobulated and pointed to the class assistant and was like, yeah, he'll be taking care of your homework, ok-good-bye?

Oh, and I got the wrong textbook for Math 242. Apparently we have no textbook. Just a CD-ROM with the homework on it. And I had already opened the wrong textbook that was shrink-packed with a software key (which I hadn't opened.....). But I dunno if I'll be able to return that... Damndamndamn, losing money.

ECE 110 - Electrial & Computer Engineering: Introduction? I don't know...
Feh. I dozed off for maybe 5ish minutes while she was reading off the paper she gave us. Seats were comfy, and I had been wasting 1 hour between Math and ECE 110, aimlessly walking around in the ECE building because it was raining. After that, we talked about physics. Basic stuff I already knew. Took all I had to keep from dozing off again. ::annoyed::

After that, I had a ECE Mentor meeting. Which was like, upperclassmen would become our mentor. 'cept it was at 5, and it was only 4 when ECE 110 finished. So I wandered off to the beautiful engineering library and wasted 10 minutes climbing stairs. Then I wandered back, met Kendell - My dad's cousin's son - and a few years older than me. Said hi, wandered back over to organizing people, talked, sat down, met another freshman who got there early, talked to him, (matt? Or mike? -.-) managed to get the same mentor as him. Not a girl, alas. We got free food and I headed back to my dorm.

Note to self:
Thank you for taking the time to register. Please print this page for your own records. You are now enrolled in the class:
PAR, Carr Lounge at 6:30-8:30PM on 10/6/2004

It's a mandatory sexual assult awareness program. Probable waste of two hours.

Yes, there are at least 15 lj comments I need to get back on, and at least 3 times that number of posts to read. I will get to them. I think there's also other e-mails and such that I should reply to. But they will have to wait until I'm more settled down... Life is oh-so-cheerfully chaotic at the moment. Besides, I don't have internet access in my room, so responding to those e-mails/comments is kinda hard. Not impossible, but awkward.

So annoying. High Network security + Lack of support personel = annoying disconnects and unresolved problems. I've heard over 3 requests for assistance now, over the hour that I've been in this computer lab. Granted, the high network security is reasonable. The amazing number of computer illiterate people is frightful.

Do people actually make wax for the chin? Or will stuff like NAIR work?

It's getting colder here... I've been sneezing so damn much. I need to switch over to jeans I think... instead of shorts. (short shorts~ short shorts~ short shorts~ Tight tights and short shorts~)
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