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IBNeko's Journal-Nyo~!
Look at the spam that I get~

Introduction By Lou St. Dobbs

I came to write this book through a combination of professional curiosity and hard personal experience. I’ve been married five times, and have gone through dozens of mistresses, one night stands and yes, quite a few escorts and hookers while those marriages each ran their course, eventually leaving me asking myself the question: Why? Why the strong urge to cheat?

didn’t feel at all alone in my inability to stay on the straight and narrow path of fidelity. I knew most of my friends had done it. I knew both of my parents, my dentist, and even the nice older lady who runs the cinnamon bun stand in the subway had done it. And everyone on TV, it seemed, was doing it, had done it, or was thinking about doing it. It’s almost as if real monogamy is more rare than a good five dollar cigar these days. Not that I’m complaining.

Whether it’s from boredom, the quest for sexual variety, or some form of passive-aggressive revenge for a partner’s transgressive behavior, it seemed that cheating was bigger than ever these days. And why not? Very few people, given the time, opportunity and a fair assurance that they will not get caught, will pass up an exciting opportunity to cheat on their spouses. It was on realizing this fact that I decided that the time was right for an in-depth look into the cheating phenomenon.

Beginning my research into why so many guys can’t stop at one woman any more than they can stop at just one peanut, I cracked the books at many local libraries, pored over hundreds of online articles on the subject of cheating, and spoke to as many guys and women as I could. Yes, I spoke to women too, since there is always at least one of them on both sides of the fence in any cheating-related marriage problem. What they had to say was astonishing, and I’ll be sharing it with you later on in this book.

Whether you’re cheating right now, or you’re only thinking of cheating, you’ll find this book to be an immense help in avoiding pissed-off girlfriends and/or wives bent on hardcore retribution – which, as any of us know who’ve “been there,” are the very worst kind and can often cause dismemberment, castration, and even death.

That, my friends, was an entire message. One whole message.
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porsupah From: porsupah Date: August 28th, 2004 07:11 pm (UTC) (Link)
Ye.. gods. ^_^;; I'm almost tempted to check the one account I have which is currently prone to spam (two, once I get off my tail and talk to NetSol.. urrgh, how I look forward to that) and see what's happening there.

BTW, did you ever see the Fork sub of FMA 40? Gods, that was hideous.. spelling errors every other sentence, literally. I've finally caught up with the series, and replaced my old copy of ep.44 with another from Sonchou, who seem to have good proofreading, and good QA on the compression. (Come to that, is it a series you're following? How about Paranoia Agent?)

What else is worthwhile right now? I seem to be watching quite little anime currently, though I've really enjoyed Sweet Valerian. ^_^ (And Nanami-chan, for that matter, both annoyingly brief per episode)

Ah, if I could only help with translation of Twin Spica.. poor Anime-Fansubs seem to be stuck on ep.12 there. Such a pity.

(As you can maybe guess, I'm only now getting caught up with almost a week's backlog of LJ..)
ibneko From: ibneko Date: August 28th, 2004 07:54 pm (UTC) (Link)
Fork's sub of FMA 40? Probably not, don't remember spelling errors every other sentence. Sonchou's good and I usually download from them first, and later replacing them with Spoon's releases (people claim Spoon is better. I dunno.)

I've been watching Samurai Champoolo, Samurai 7, Bakuretsu Tenshi, Tenjo Tenge, Naruto, Mahoujin Guruguru, and an assortment of other stuff that I don't remember right now.
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