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IBNeko's Journal-Nyo~!
Yay. (or, uh oh.)
My sister got a livejournal. tinkleneko. ::muses:: strange username, but certainly unique. I guess.

A readme for her to read. (And a reminder for all else who read blogs)

Ugh, I can't find my "How to use livejournal post". ::scowls:: I know it's here somewhere... but it went poof. Anyone want to lend one that I can point my sister to?

Current Mood: search~ o.O... O.o.... o.O... ~ing =.=;;
Current Music: Twinkle Trick-≈˛„c√»‰T-∞L∞~≠ª≠¢≠é≠©≠ç™c/Twinkle Trick

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