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And we've learned all 45ish Hiragana now. Not including the ones with ' or º, but yeah.. all of them.

I really ought to start practicing using them. But before that... I need to do my online homework... anyone happen to know how I'd solve the second one?
Suppose that a constant current of 4 mA flows in a conductor.

Find the absolute value of the total charge that passes through the conductor in 7 minute(s).
Charge = .004*60*7 C = 1.68 C [√]

Find the total number of electrons that pass through the conductor in that time.
Assume: The flow of positive charge is zero.
Number of electrons = .004*60*7*(10^18) electron(s) = 1.68e+18 electron(s) [X]

You received a raw score of 50% on this question.

Well, this is only if you see it within 30 minutes of posting. I _should_ (we hope) have the answer by then...

::grumbles:: no hot guys... Where are all the strange, crazy girls!?! Do they exist only in the gifted/talented/magnet/ib programs? Arg... seriously, all I've seen are cute quiet ones that study hard with giant backpacks, ditzy idiots hanging onto muscular male arms, and girls that fall somewhere between them and in the "normal" area. And there's a distinct lack of females in engineering. 'tis sad. Well, not "lack", but there's certainly less. Why aren't there co-ed dorm rooms? ::grumbles more:: Granted, I probably don't want to meet certain girls out there... and co-ed would run a higher chance of that. Mmm, ok, no co-ed dorm rooms then. co-ed floor, mebbe?

I'm being too obsessive about this. Someone hit me.

[ edit | I guess the actual point of this is, I'm getting tired of wandering around on campus alone. And the biggest problem? There isn't anyone who's in more than one of my classes. And the people I meet at my dorm... are all guys. And all of them already have much firmer friendships with other people. So no one will check with me to see if I want to go somewhere they're going. And I can't exactly ask too many times, 'cause that just sounds... clingy. And annoying. Yeah. ]

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