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1.  What is your full name? Benjamin Juang
2.  Nicknames: [Baka-][or IB]Neko[-chan], Numair, Viktaren
3.  Birthdate: 11/6/85
4.  Where do you live? Potomac
5.  What school do you attend? RMHS
6.  Siblings and their ages? Belinda, 11
7.  Pets? Nada
8.  Righty or lefty? Right

--------------YOUR LOOKS ------------------------
9.  Hair color: black
10.  Eye color: dark brown
11.  Height: No clue
12.  Do you wear contacts or glasses? glasses.
13.  Do you have any piercings? nope
14.  Where would you want more? I don't
15.  Do you have a tattoo? nope
16.  If so what and where? Nah
17.  Do you have a certain fashion you follow? anything comfortable

---------- JUST LATELY------------
19.  How are you today? Eh, could be better.
20.  What pants are you wearing right now? Shorts
21.  What shirt are you wearing right now? Green
22.  What does your hair look like at the moment? Flat, like my hair usually is...?
23.  What song are you listening to right now? stray.
24.  What was the last thing you ate? pasta?
25.  How is the weather right now? A tad warm...
26.  Last person you talked to on the phone: Lady - a while ago..
27.  Last dream you can remember: it's been posted. Look for it somewhere.
28.  Who are you talking to right now? Lily, discussing the english poem
29.  What time is it? 7:52 PM

---------------- MORE ABOUT YOU ----------------
30.  What are the last four digits in your phone number? 2196
31.  If you were a crayon, what color would you be? I don't want to be a crayon.......
32.  Have you ever almost died? Not really... I suppose the car accident would be the closest to dying... unless you include those
33.  Do you like the person that sent you this? Oh yes, I amuse myself by teasing mini-lily...
34.  How do you eat an Oreo? I usually don't... they get stuck in my teeth and make my teeth hurt... it's the high sugar content or chocolate or something... ::sighs::
35.  What makes you happy? Making people laugh.
36.  What's the next CD your going to buy? No clue
37.  What's the best advice ever given to you? I've forgotten ^^;; it's probably part of my life now...
38.  Have you ever won any special awards? Nah
39.  What are your future goals? Must design my own computer maid or something AI. Or maybe a mind transfering device
40.  Do you like to dance? DDR only
41.  Worst sickness you've ever had: esh, no clue
42.  What's the supidest thing you've ever done? There's a lot...
43.  What's you favorite memory? Friends. I love you guys. Seriously.
44.  If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be? Must find a cute teenager girl to switch bodies with...
45.  Where do you shop the most? Probably bookstores...
46.  How many kids do you want to have? I can't have kids... I'm still in a guy's body!
47.  Son's names: eh, no clue
48.  Daughter's names: Something... starting with L? ::shrugs::
49.  Do you do drugs? Nah
50.  Do you drink? Nah
51.  What kind of shampoo/conditioner do you use? Used a Dove brand yesterday, had conditioner mixed into it. Was good for my hair.
52.  What sport do you hate the most? Football and Basketball
53.  What are you most scared of? castration+not being able to get transfered into a girl's body... as well as loss of a close friend or a close family member...
54.  How many people in your house? 4
55.  Do you have your own phone line or cell phone? Hah, I wish. A cell phone would be real nice...
56.  Do you sleep with stuffed animals? Yes, sometimes I bring Lady's stuffed bear with me...
57.  Have you ever broken/sprained a bone? Nah
58.  Who do you dream about? Buildings. Haunting. People chasing. Confusion. Darkness. Future.
59.  Who do you tell your dreams to? Rarely.
60.  Who's the loudest friend you have? Lily-chan. damn irritating sometimes... can't do things with her scream like that...
61.  Who's the quietest friend? Philip-chan. He never opens his mouth...

---------- JUST QUESTIONS -----------------
62.  Is cheerleading a sport? Yeah
64.  Do you have a girlfriend or boyfriend? Not right now..
65.  Do you have a crush? Yes.
66.  Who is your crush? You wish I'd tell you, don't you.
67.  Did you send this to your crush? Nah. They may read it though.
68.  Do you believe in love at first sight? Yes
69.  What song do you want played at your wedding? I really don't know.
70.  What's the first thing that you notice about the opposite sex? I see people's hair first, like it's how I remember people. Then face, then height.
71.  Longest crush? No clue
72.  Are you too shy to ask someone out? I'm always too shy
73.  Do you find yourself attractive? Not really...
74.  Do you find yourself ugly? Not ugly. But I know I'm not the best looking. I really should take more care of my face. ::sighs::
75.  Do others find you attractive? Doubtfully. I'm serious. I really don't think so. I dream, sure, but... shy, quiet, geeky pervert? Mraw..
77.  Having tonsils or appendix removed? Nope

----------ON GUYS FOR GIRLS TO FILL OUT-------- //oh screw you.
78.  Boxers or briefs: briefs?
79.  Long or short hair: long?
80.  Curly or straight: don't care?
81:  Tall or short: short?
82:  Six pack or muscular arms: psh, who cares about six packs?

---------- PICK ONE:  THIS OR THAT --------------
83.  Lights on/off? Off!! Techie pride. Well, Not completely off, but yeah...
84.  Do you like sun, snow, or rain? Snow
85.  Mickey D's (McDonalds) or BK (Burger King)? Doesn't matter. When I go there, I'm usually just hungry
86.  Do you like scary or happy movies better? Happy
87.  Backstreet Boys or NSYNC? neither
88.  On the phone or in person? Online
89.  Paper or plastic? Paper bags.
90.  Sausage or pepperoni? Pepperoni, if not burnt.
91.  Summer or winter? Winter
92.  Hugs or kisses? cuddling
93.  Chocolate or white milk? strawberry milk
94.  Root beer or Dr. Pepper? Dr. Pepper
95.  Glass half full or half empty? Half full... of what?
96.  CD or tape? CD
97.  Tape or DVD? DVD
98.  Cats or dogs? NEKO!!!!1
99.  Mud or Jell-O wrestling? I don't like wrestling.
100.  Vanilla or chocolate? chocolate.
101.  Skiing or Boarding? Skiing
102.  Day or night? Day.
103.  Cake or pie? Pot Pies.
104.  Gold or silver? Silver
105.  Diamond or pearl? Ruby or Opal
106.  Sunset or sunrise? Sunset

--------- YOUR FAVS ---
107.  Color: Red
108.  Food: Nothing comes to mind right now...
109.  Fast food: Eh... ::shrugs::
110.  Beverage: Anything normal, really.. water will do, usually.
111.  Ice cream: mint chocolate chip? or butter pecon
112.  Sport: Volleyball. And I know how to play :D
113.  Animal: ::glares:: I answered this already
114.  Favorite type of music: Techno, classical, christian alt/pop/whatnot, and Jpop/anime
115.  Radio station: 91.9
116.  Song: nada
117.  Band: nada
118.  Number: 6
119.  Fav. actress or actor: Nada
120.  Fav. day of the year: Nada
121.  Fav. month: Whatever.
122.  TV show: Anime.
123.  Store: I answered this already... one more of these and you'll be severly hogtied.
124.  Scent: Eh, light room fresheners are good.
125.  Teacher: Eh. Mr. Thomas because he makes history so interesting, althoug I'm failing it anyways.
126.  Game: Nada.
127.  Saying: Mreow.

------------HAVE YOU EVER ----------------------
128.  Loved someone so much it makes you cry? Yeah
129.  Smoked? No
130.  Drank? ::sighs:: I'm tired, go hogtie yourself.
131.  Ever gotten dumped? No.
132.  Broke the law? Yeah
133.  Ran from the cops? Nah
134.  Stole something? Yes
135.  Tried to kill yourself? let's not go there...
136.  Made yourself throw up? No
137.  Been in love? Yes
138.  Made yourself cry to get out of trouble? I don't think so...

Damn that was long... And if you want, you can go read the ALTERNATE VERSION on IBNeko. :D Be forewared. It is VERY perverted, and in certain ways, reflects the pervert within me. But some things are just plain made up. And because it's so perverted, I'm not making a link. You'll have to type the address yourself.

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