Benjamin Juang (ibneko) wrote,
Benjamin Juang

I dreamed...

a rather strange dream... something that would have been out of an RPG. Well, more specifically Chrono Cross, as I finished that last night at 12. :D It's a good game, and although not as good as Chrono Trigger (...I want to play that again sometime...), it does have better music, somewhat, and (obviously) better graphics. But my dream... something about getting parts of a spaceship, escaping, as usual, some unspecified evil... including the world about to go boom. (Lavos...)

That TimeDevorer was frightfully easy (he's the final boss)... I was able to beat him without using all of my elements (and without using the Chrono Cross). That got me the bad ending, which was.. meh. Unspecial. Went back and redid it in the proper fashion... elements in the right order, and then the chrono cross, and got prettyness. But it wasn't really all that pretty. Kinda sad, actually, that the game ended... I should go back and play New Game+, check out the three mystics from Chrono Trigger that I get to defeat... Grab a few characters that I missed...

But that can wait.

Japanese, Math, and ECE today. Can spend time in ECE online, which is nice. Math... is selfguided, and I need to start the homework that was due a day before but got extended to the end of this long weekend. Japanese... I need to review everything we've done this week. If I don't, someone needs to beat me with a stick. Or otherwise threaten me until I get around to doing so. It'll take a good 3-4 hours though, I think. As will math. And there's ECE homework which is due tonight, but that can be done in ECE class :)

I still don't have a connection in my room. Our room's no longer disconnected... but now it's quarantined. -.- Which is just as bad, 'cause all we can get is the page stating that we need to get help from a NetTech. I should become a NetTech, although I know shit about Windows XP. Win 98 and 95 I can work around... using the internet as a backup source for things I don't know... but XP? Too Damn User Friendly. Yes. Everything's hidden, under one or two levels of userfriendlyness. Which annoys the hell out of me when I need to access a setting, but they're calling it by some other name to be more userfriendly. Grah. Anyways... Need to find time... tomorrow night? to bring both our laptops down to the nettech person, demand that he check them, and reconnect us.

Mmmm, I need to answer e-mails.... -.- Notably ones from my dad, who's panicking about EVERY SINGLE DETAIL. Are you eating well? Are you sleeping well? When's such and such? Did you forget to do a? b? and c? Don't forget to do them, ok? ARRRGH. So I had "yelled" (in caps) at him, threatening to ignore his e-mails if he continued to worry so much. And his response? Guilt trip~ -.- With a story of how apparently he seemed to feel the same when he left for college, how some aunt would worry for him, etc. So if he knows how I feel, why doesn't he change? But no, he's like, you should be considerate and worry about our worries. ::sighs:: ::annoyed::
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