Benjamin Juang (ibneko) wrote,
Benjamin Juang

Japanese Conversation Table

Every friday, from 5-7, although coming at 6 is suggested (according to Kumai-Sensei..(sp?))

What I learned today:
1) People speak Japanese really fast. And not slowish like in the anime series that I watch.
2) It's harder to hear stuff when there's people all around you talking.
3) Japanese tends to make people speak softer, in general. o.O Like how Chinese makes some people sound louder, you know.
4) I've got A LOT to learn. Oh my goddess... I'm not going to be speaking Japanese fluently for a long, long time, unless I spend every waking minute practicing.
5) I have no self-confidence in speaking. Especially in Japanese. And brain dies from fear.

What I also learned today:
1) Volleyball is still fun.
2) Shoe without friction sucks.
3) My reaction time ain't that slow.
4) I can jump serve. I did it, once out of two times.
5) Serving lower at the right angle makes it go nice, low, and fast.
6) I should WAIT for my thumb (thumb-knuckle?) to heal before playing more. Owwwie. (I had bent it the wrong way trying to set a few days ago.)
7) IMPE (the sport/activity center) isn't that far away.
8) By saving one's cafe credits, one can get 11 bottles of assorted beverages from the late nite cafe in one go. Hehe. ::has quaffed two so far, 'cause volleyball left her rather dehydrated::

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