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Oh, yeah, skills, Ben, skills....

That previous entry was supposed to be locked. ::sighs:: Oh well. Hopefully family did not see that... o.O there was a phone call earlier, but I was (and still am) in the computer lab, so I didn't pick up... Ought to check the voice messages...

Speaking of which, I am currently in PAR's computer lab. Why? We still don't have internet in our room. And the wireless access point is gone, 'cause I'm a big blabbermouth. I ought to be gagged sometimes, you know...

But on the upside, I've learned several new things about Windows XP, MacOS X, networking, and lost a hour and a half doing so. A pretty fair exchange, I think, as it got me internet access as well. And because we're not supposed to have wireless networks, I've turned on internet sharing, so now I'm a temporary wireless access point. Dunno if it works or not... wish I could test it somehow. I know internet sharing over ethernet works... did that before. But wireless internet sharing...?

Finished another section of the math homework. I've got two left...

Oh, and I need to take chem. ::sighs::

[edit|in checking voice mail... my cell just randomly turned off on me...]
[edit2| Hey, lookie, spelly mistakes. =-.-= one more section left though, I'm making good time... I might be done soon. ]

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