Benjamin Juang (ibneko) wrote,
Benjamin Juang

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New iPod

Eww... Neko doesn't like... (website). First of all, it's still too expensive. Second, I liked the single large circle design better, with little buttons that surround it.

Otherwise, a new iPod dock would be cool. But does that mean it wouldn't be able to act as a plain firewire drive? :( And also, that'd mean you would have to carry around a base. Jeeze, you know how inconvenient that is? ::sighs:: now I need to find a way to convince my parents to let me spend a few hundred bucks to buy one of the older models before those stop selling. ::sighs:: Yet another annoyance/stupid move by apple. (the most often/important one is their move to remove the audio input plug on their macs. Garrrrr... idiots. Your platform is most often used by Artists, come on!! Of course, artists wouldn't use 3.5 in. stereo plugs. but... oh never mind...)

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