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Google, I hail thee!

"14 kilometers per liter to miles per gallon"

And Google actually managed to get me my answer. Awesomeness.

Oh yeah, happy 6th birthday to ya, Google... May you continue to live a long, userful, and useful life.

[edit, midnight]
As of posting, I have 48 problems remaining. Of the 54. It's only taking me so damn long because each problem has at least 4 to 8 subsections. And all of it's busywork. BUSYWORK! GRRR. DAMN YOU BUSYWORK. And damn you, Zumdahl for making such a crappy curriculum... Publisher said "University of Illinois" next to your name. So you're hunt-down-able. And most definitely killable, unless you're dead already. Or I'm mistaken and you weren't the ones who designed the curriculum. Rar. ::takes out the old mac ram chip that he has.:: You will die slooooowly, 'cause I'll cut off your fingers one by one with the not-very-pointy-edge.

-disclaimer- I'm not really that bloodthirsty. Just tired and annoy. Stressing the latter.

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