Benjamin Juang (ibneko) wrote,
Benjamin Juang

Phooey. Had a nice post with thoughts on last night and revealing stuff to people, but it went poof, 'cause iJournal didn't save it like I thought it was supposed to. Grr.

Oh, and my whole right arm hurts. Shoulder, lower arm. And my left hand. ::winces:: canoeing hurts.

Oooh, and I should introduce people. From left to right: Denise, Christine, then Lily. And this is Jeff.

And Lady, I found "You'll Never Walk Alone"... Listening to it... stirred something in my mind, like a shadow you feel behind you, but no images, alas...

Mmm, yeah, posted mostly everything I wanted to post publicly... the private stuff... can just stay unposted completely. No one needs to know about it at the moment anyways. Now for homework. OSSA meeting at 4, for food, I believe...

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