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What I learned today---

1) Rain in Illinois takes 1-2 hours to pass. Even the large downpour types. Now that I think about it, it makes sense... not too much wind from temperature differences to move the clouds away (like in Maryland.. where downpours as bad as today would last only a half hour or so.)

2) Rain is wet. As is water. And both be bad and annoying when it's cold.

3) My sidepack (eto... backpack, with one strap type? Like Lady's.) is waterproof, more or less. So everything inside remained decently dry, unlike my roommate's stuff... hehe, yay!

4) Innocent, colorful, christmas-y towels can stain underwear girly pink. And white t-shirts as well. And this is before I put it into the washer... apparently it was wet when it fell into my laundry... basket-thing. And landed on white clothes and the colors ran. Grr. What do I do now...?/What's the best way to turn a t-shirt and a pair of underwear back to the normal white.

5) I should find a source of world news. I'm out of touch with what's going on out there. Buggers.

Mmmm, there were other things, but I've forgotten. Got a large Japanese vocab quiz tomorrow, and assorted major duedates coming up next week.

Oh, yeah, one of the most annoying things about having online homework is that the dutedate/time is often midnight, so there's no staying up to do homework. Hiss.

...I still have no internet connection. And due to today's rain, one of the wall sockets in my room have gone boom. Or well, it doesn't work anymore. The power strip and everything else seems to be working though... (see, window's right next to my desk, and the power strip is next-ish to my desk, so the rain poured in onto my iBook, the hub, and the powerstrip. The iBook's ok, I had the lid down (thank god). The hub... haven't had a chance to test it.

The past two days have been hectic. Well, past two, defining past 48 hours, really. A number of things were due, I had to wake up at 7 each day (yesterday and today) for 8 o'clock labs, and so I got about 5 and 6 hours of sleep respectively. And because it's hot and uncomfortable, I wake up about 3 and 5 each night to roll over, look at the clock and kick off the blankets that intertwine themselves between my legs. We resume noon classes tomorrow though, so all should be better. I should go get food after I finish working on this stupid physics self-evaluation.

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