Benjamin Juang (ibneko) wrote,
Benjamin Juang


Just did my first serious chunk of studying (as defined as studying- reading and hilighting) in college... mostly because there hasn't been a serious need to pay massive amounts of attention in the ECE 110 class (and thus, I've been paying none at all and instead using that time to do the online homework). However, there's a few things in the homework that's always been sorta guess-n-check-n-get-right so going over this is good for me. Especially for the most recent section: the I-V Characteristics... There's stuff there that I couldn't figure out how to solve in the homework under the time limit/restriction that was there. Shan't be happening again, as it annoyed me for about half a day afterwards (the not being able to figure it out and having to leave it blank for a 17% total on the question part).

Either way, making decently good time, despite being sleepy - I've done reading class notes #0-1, I've got to read to the end of 4. Dinner now, then back for some reading, two or three of the practice exams (four total... 2-3 tonight, remainder tomorrow morning), then Japanese, which I should do some sort of cumulative review and make note cards of the terms I've learned so far. Honestly, this is going to be kinda hard to get around to doing, 'cause I procrastinate when it comes to having to review without a due date type thing. So 'mistress', if you read this, at some point later tonight, come check on me and make sure I've gotten them done. If not, you may prescribe some sort of proper punishment~ Give me until 9:30 or 10 though. I'm not too sure how long the studying and practice exams will take (technically, exams be 1 hour long, but I hope it won't actually take that long... so........)

Chem WebCT lab stuff (1 quiz), and general class stuff (14 quizzes) are due tomorrow at 8 AM and midnight respectively. So I'd like to get them done tonight as well, since the ECE 110 exam is from 7-8, and thus, rather time consuming. And I'll need time on tuesday to finish Chem textbook work and study for that upcoming exam. Dashboard confessional on thusday, with Lily~ as well as the ECE mentor program pizza thing right before that. I should work on the math homework problems as well, even though my groupmate has already finished those... But it'll have to wait >.<... gwah...

[edit|9:40] Oooh, not going to make my own 10 o'clock deadline~

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