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1. Name: Benjamin Juang
2. Age: 17
3. Birthdate: Nov 6th
4. Zodiac sign: Scorpio
5. Height: 5'something
6. Weight: No clue
7. Hair color: Black
8. Eye color: Brown
9. Male or female: Not too sure...
10. Where were you born: Illinois. Urbana/champaign Holly Cross Hospital.
11. Where do you live now: Potomac, MD
12. Do you have glasses: Yes
13. Do you have braces: No
14. Do you like your name: Sure
15. Who is your best friend(s)? Lady and Sis.
16. What is all of your fiends names? Dude, I'm not answering that.
17. Which one do you get along with the best? If I don't get along with you, you're probably not a friend. There is no "best"
18. Which one is the toughest? Jasen-san
19. Which one is the preppiest? huh?
20. Which one is the blondest? Sheep.
21. Which one is the weird one? Me. Yes, I befrend myself.
22. Which on has an attitude problem? Lily.
23. Which one is the funniest? They all are.
24. Which one is the dullest? Ugh. Kati.
25. Which one is the loudest? Lily.
26. Which one is the shyest? Philip
27. Which one is the most out-going? Lily
28. Which one has the best smile? No clue.
29. Which one can you trsut the most? see best friends.
30. Which one can you trust the least? They wouldn't be friends.
31. Which one do you know the best? Lady, then Han
32. Do you have a crush? Yup
33. If so, who? Hahaha, you wish
34. Why do you like him/her? Oh good lord. She's cute, ok?
35. How long have you had a crush on him/her? Neh, too long.
36. Were yall friends before you likied him/her? ...sure?
37. Do you have a gf/bf? No.
38. If so, who? i said no.
39. Do you love him/her? I DONT FUCKING HAVE ONE.
40. How long have you been together? ::groans::
41. How did you 2 meet? -.-
42. What would be your dream guy/girl? girl. Hush Lady. Ano... probably someone who is intelligent, not too bad looking, and is kinky
43. What is your dream date? either lots of cuddling or kinky toys!

44. Tv show- Simpsons, sure..
45. Radio station- 91.9
46. Color- varies... usually blue or red.
47. Animal- Cat
48. State- MD- don't know any other
49. Country- Eh.. canada.
50. Meat- not raw....
51. Vegetable- Corn not on the cob...
52. Fruit- Pears
53. Boy band- No clue
54. Guy singer- No clue
55. Girl singer- No clue
56. Girl band- No clue
57. Place to hang- home, school
58. Store- Any bookstore
59. Shoe brand- none.
60. Clothes brand- Don't care.
61. Cologne/perfume brand- Huh...?
62. Actor- None
63. Actress- None
64. Computer game- Too busy
65. Cd - Nothing comes to mind right now
66. Girl name(s)- Lisa is a pretty name... so is Cathrine
67. Boy name(s)- Dunno

68. Tv show- stupid reality TV
69. Radio station- None
70. Color- None
71. Animal- Dangerous noisy dogs
72. State- None
74. Meat- None
75. Vegetable- Brussel Sprouts
76. Fruit- None
77. Boy band- None
78. Guy singer- None
79. Girl singer- None
80. Girl band- None
81. Place to hang- None
82. Store- None
84. Clothes brand- None
85. Cologne/perfume brand- None
86. Actor- None
87. Actress- None
88. Computer game- None
90. Girl name(s)- None
91. Boy name(s)- None

92. Cd or radio- cd
93. Waterbed or plain mattress- mattress. With places to attach chains and hooks and stuff
94. Car or bike- Car
95. Shoes or sandles- Shoes
96. Computer or tv- Computer
97. E-mail or snail mail- E-mail
98. Loud ot quiet- Depends on what I'm doing/what needs to get done
99. Comedy or horror- Comedy. I hate horror movies.
100. Phone or internet- Internet
101. Prep or none prep- Prep
102. Walk or run- DASH!
103. Sports or school- School
104. Summer or winter- Winter
105. Spring or fall- Fall
106. Nike or addias- Doesn't matter
107. Playstaion 2 or dreamcast- PS2
108. Playstaion or nitendo 64- N64
109. Capture the flag or ghost in the graveyard- Huh?
110. Money or love- Love.
111. Rap or rock- Neither
112. Green or blue- Blue
113. Strawberrys or banannas- o.O In the sexual way? GAH, YOU PERVERT!
114. Meat or salads- Meats
115. Halloween or christmas- Christmas
116. (for girls) uhhh... girls.
117. (for guys) No. Bad.
118. Nsync or creed- No opinion
119. Spice girls or backstreet boys- No opinion
120. The moffatts or the beatles: No opinion
121. There's something about mary or american pie: No opinion
122. Night at the roxbury or here on earth: No opinion
123. Scream or i know what you did last summer: No opinion
124. Crest or colgate: Colgate
125. Peanut butter or jelly: Both ^_-
126. Big red or winterfresh: winterfresh
127. Skittles or m&m's: MnMs
128. Tootsie roll or peanuts: Neither
129. Pop or water: caffinate me.
130. Tea or milk: COFFEE.
131. Ocean or lakes: Oceans
132. Horses or cows: Horses
134. Cats or dogs: Cats
135. Sisters or brothers: Sisters. Older ones, preferably
136. Trailors or houses: Houses
137. Smoking or drinking: Drinking

~more friends~
138. Who's the smartest: Ouqi
139. Who's the dumbest: You
140. Who's the funniest: Me :D
141. Who's the dullest: kati
142. Who's the tallest: No clue
143. Who's the shortest: Lady ;)
144. Who's the oldest: Kate
145. Who's the youngest: Oooh, no clue. Mai-chan? or xiaotu?
146. Who's the rudest: Lily
147. Who's the nicest: Me ^_-
148. Who's the weirdest: Any of those sophmores...
149. Who's the most fun to be with: Senpai or Lady
150. Who's the least fun to be with: No clue
151. Who do you see the most: Myself
152. Who do you look up to: God
153. Who do you talk to most online: Lady
154. Who do you talk to most on the phone: phone... ewww
155. Are you still having fun: Nah
156. What time is it: 4:02 PM

157. What comes to mind when you hear p.J's- Oh, blessed sleep....
158. What comes to mind when you hear t-shirt- Do you want to strip for me?
159. What do you think when you hear water- 4 quart bags. =^.-= (points for anyone who gets that)
160. What are you thinking when you hear the name bob? Sponge?

~this or that.again~
161. Black or white: White. Angel wings.
162. Red or white: White.
163. Orange or purple: Purple. Color of royality
164. Blue or green: Blue. Color of sky.
165. Night or day: Day. Reproduction happens at night and I insist I'm too young!
166. Light or dark: Dark, Techie shades
167. T.V. Or movie: Movie
168. Cd or radio: CD
169. Internet or phone: Internet
170. Board games or computer games: Computer
171. Pen or pencil: Wanna borrow my Pen? =^.-=
172. Pool or ocean: ocean.
173. Coke or pepsi: Dr. Pepper
174. Mr. Pibb or orange soda: Mr. Pibb
175. Tea or milk: Coffee
176. Chocolate or vanilla: Chocolate
177. Dog or cat: Cat
178. Family or friends: Friends
179. Writing or typing: Writing is faster, but typing is neater....
180. Camping or staying in a hotel: Hotel
181. Short or long term relationship: Long
182. Short or long term friendship: Long
183. Icecream or cake: Cake
184. Car or suv: SUV
185. Truck or van: Van.
186. Mountains or the beach: Mountains, less people to hear your moans =^.-=
187. Tennis shoes or boots: Tennis shoes.
188. Boots or sandles: Sandles
189. Shorts or jeans: Eh, if it's too hot, shorts, otherwise, Jeans.
190. T-shirts or sweat shirts: T-shirt, with a unzipped jacket
191. Hotdogs or hamburgers: Hot dogs =^.-=
192. Steak or chicken: Chicken
193. Mcdonalds or burger king: Neither
194. Taco bell or kfc: KFC for a chicken pie, then Taco Bell for nice yummies
195. Papa john's or pizza hut: Papa John's
196. Checkers or arby's: Arbys. Never ate at Checkers
197. Wal-mart or kmart: Didn't one fail already?
198. School or job: School
199. Home or school: School
200. Church or home: Home
201. Enough questions yet? Yeah and they keep fucking repeating. <-- yeah... seriously!
202. What are you doing right now: Listening to music, and this _thing_...
203. Do you like french fries: Yeah
204. What key are you about to push: delete.
205. What's yor favorite letter in the alphabet: Nani?
206. What's your favorite number: 6
207. Do you like salad: Eh, it's ok
208. Do you like fish: Boneless only
209. Do you like shrimp?: yes. Preferably shellless
210. What's your favortie resturant: None
211. Do you like mr. Pibb: sure
212. Do you like school lunches: French Fries, other than that, no
213. Do you change your underwear everyday: Yes
214. Do you like coke: sure
215. What time is it: 4:2 PM
216. Do you have clothes on right now: =^.-=
217. Are you a drugie: Nah
218. Why do you drive on a parkway and park on a driveway: Oh fuck you...
219. What's tomorrow? The day after today, dumbass
220. Do you like purple monkies with green ears: Nah
221. Have you seen toy story: Yes
222. Have you seen toy story 2: Yes
223. How many hairs do you have on your head: I dunno, but they're all too short
224. Where did all the teletubies go: I chopped them up and ate them for lunch. They gave me indigestion.
225. Where is walldo: Around the corner and up my ass.
226. How many licks does it take to get to the center of a toosie rool pop: I dunno. It usually only takes 20 well places tongue curls... Got to find that sensitive spot and DING, you get there instantly
228. Do you like candy: Yeah
229. Do you like bacon bits: Isn't that for dogs...?
230. What do you put on your baked potatoes: Salt and butter...
231. Are you bored yet: Yeah
232. Are you having fun cuz i sure am!!: You need better grammar
233. Do you have socks on right now: Yes
234. What color are they: white. no, sexy pink.
235. Do you think i'm crazy: HOLY FUCKING SHIT YES!
236. Why is mr.Pibb called "mr. Pibb": 'cause once there was a stupid little dog that got ran over by the car...
237. Do you like anteaters who eat mice: they do?
238. Do you like cheese: sure
239. Is the color brown in the ranibow: No, brown in the color of your poop. Unless you have poop on your rainbow.... O.o
240. Who many sides does a circle have: 1 yet inf.
241. Do you have any gum: oh, the sticky stuff? sure, it's in my pocket.. I even prechewed it for you.
242. How many seconds are in a year: Not enough
243. Why did the chicken cross the raod: 'cause there was a KFC
244. If a rooster layed an egg on a roof which side would it roll down: I wish I could lay an egg like that rooster...
254. How do you spell bingo: BHING-GHO!
255. What time is it: 4:34 PM
256. Do you pick your nose: That's your queue, quick!
257. Do you think this is to long: it's 'too' not 'to' you moron.
258. Who's your daddy: Who cares?
259. Do you think my tractor's sexy: your tractor? o.O nah
260. Did i shave my back for this: No, but you need to shave down there... you missed a spot. Oh, made you look, loser..
261. If jimmy cracks corn and no body cares why does he still do it: You're missing a comma there.
262. If a tree fell and no one was around would it make a sound: yes. Potential Energy MUST get transfered.
263. Who let the dogs out: Who let let me out? Meow, meow, meow.
264. Do you like green eggs and ham: No
265. Do you love me: No.
266. Is the grass really greener on the other side: Oh yes, but I don't care too much.
267. Where is the other side: Barenaked couples rolling around in the greener grass
268. What are you looking at: This screen.
269. Who stole the cookies from the cookie jar (it was you wasn't it): I did
270. Where is the center of the world: Me. Right here.
271. What would jesus do: No, you mean, WHO would jesus do? And the answer is his 12 "followers"
272. Do you have an ickday: God. I'll Pig Your Latin! And yes, I fucking do.
273. Will you marry me: No.
274. Have you ever: See above.
275. Sorry miss jackson: You can not enter this high school. You're WHITE.
276. What's going down: Digested Food?
277. Do you want fries with that: Yeah
278. How many toes do you have: 10.
279. Do you know anybody with 6 toes: Yeah, that dude who was having too much fun with his chainsaw...
280. Do you think toes are gross: Dude, you have a foot fetish, don't you...
281. Are you wearing shoes right now: No
282. Do your feet stink: No. Yeah, you have a foot fetish... weirdo.
283. Why: 'cause I said so.
284. Are we there yet: No. If you need to go, do it in your panties.
285. Where are we going anyways: Hell. Thank you for riding Reality Flights, we will be arriving momentarily. Please keep all dicks, legs, arms, heads within the reality at all times.
286. Which came first, the chicken or the egg: The rooster.
287. How do i get ther from here: Take the next rainbow. No, not that one.
288. Do you like pickles: Yeah. Long, green, and the right size. Bumpy too...
289. Do you eat turkey on thanksgiving: Yes
290. Do you like yellow: yes.
291. Do you like monkies: Yes.
292. Do you like turtles: Yes.
293. Are you getting sick of this survey yet: Kinda
294. Why or why not: Foo.
295. Are you using the computer right now: no DUH
296. Are you listening to music: Yeah
297. What station: Random mp3s
298. Do you have aol or aol instant messanger: I'm always on
299. What's your screen name: numair2
300. What's your email address:
301. What time is it: 4:42 PM

~what comes into your mind when you hear these names??~
302. Amanda: Eastern
303. Stephanie: Glasses?
304. Nathan: Richard Nathan Dahl! Sword of Truth Series
305. Justin: Java
306. Nick: Erica-chan
307. Amy: Short, chubby
308. Sara: Sarah...
309. Kyle: Gah.
310. Jeremy: Idiot, but not.
311. Wendon: Wensyrahi
312. Laura: "Mr. Thomaaaaaaaaaaaaas!!!!!!"
313. Taylor: Senior? O.o
314. Brittany: Jackson
315. Briana: Sis!!!!
316. Kristal: Beautiful name...
317. Jimmy: the worm?
318. Emily: girl
319. Mike: Bailey!
320. Daniel: Ko
321. Dante: writer
322. Katie: Kati Li
323. Ashley: A long time ago
324. Tyler: Senior? O.o
325. Beth: Quiet
326. Caleb: Nada
327. Casey: Nada
328. Elizabeth: Liz~!
329. Chris: Conroy
330. Kevin: idiot
331. Brandon: Eh, idiot
332. Ben: Me~!
333. Bob: Sponge Pants.
334. Dorathy: Oz
335. Zack: Drew
336. Skylar: Gaylor
337. Tucker: Food!
338. Micheal: Barnwell
339. Audrey: girl
340. Megan: Lady! ::bows::
341. Bj: pjs.
342. Ren: Stimpy.
343. Leigh: Quiet girl
344. Ryan: Bryan
345. Brian: Gah. He's changed for the worse.
346. Seth: Hehe. Samulson
347. Allison: eh?
348. Adam: Berg
349. Eve: Adam
350. Nikki: Nikkon!
351. Courtney: Black
352. Marla: Mara
353. Chris: Li
354. Jesse: Sound chief!
355. Abe: rham Lincoln
356. Randy: Drunk
357. Tiger: poo bear.
358. Alex: Senior, Stage Manager
359. Mary: Jesus
360. Chris: Lowerclassman
361. Abbey: Grabber
362. Pam: Subtle Knife
363. Anglie: Angelia
364. Tyana: Tyrant?
365. Julie: Julia
366. Duncan: Donuts?
367. Brad: Pitt
368. Mykah: My Kar
369. Joy: To the world.
370. Callie: dog?
371. Mark: Eeep
372. Ben: Me
373. Kaitlyn: Keiko?
374. Maggie: Hannaple
375. Malidia: RD.
376. Rex: the dinosaur
377. Don: Netello
378. Dan: iel.
379. Pat: Patrick
380. Paul: Erica-chan
381. Janelle: eh?
382. Mellisa: eh?
383. Nicole: King cole!
384. Shannon: Sharon-chan!
385. Aaron: Arson?
386. Jason: -san!
387. Cal: iCal
388. Blythe: black girl
389. Caitlyn: Kaitlyn
390. Chad: Brad
391. Stacey: Macy
392. Robert: Bobbert
393. Jenna: Wenna
394. Natalie: PE teacher?
395. Krissie: American Girls books...?
396. Kara: Kari
397. Lauren: Jackson
398. Josh: Gottlib Miller
399. Sam: Evans
400. Tony: pizza?

401. What bothers you: This.
402. If you could live with one person for the rest of your live who would it be: Lady. or maybe Senpai.
403. Do you like school: Yes
404. What is your favorite piece of jewelry: my imaginary Collar
405. Do you sing in the shower: Yes
406. What do you think about the person who sent it this to you: iHeartJapan, you are still awesome.
407. Why do people dream: I See.
408. What's your dream car: None
409. What's the latest dream you've had: Death. Yours.
411. Any animal you dream about: People are animals.
412. Best coach: none
413. Is your mom a bitch? If she wants
414. Has she ever written you a mean email? O.o
415. Does your mom have email? Yes.
416. Are there such things as email trackers? yes
417. Do you delete forwards? Rarely
418. Are you going to forward this? How would I do that?
419. Has a guy ever been to forward with you? yeah
420. Have you ever slapped a guy/girl? yes
421. How hard? Lady, not that hard. but it still kinda stung T.T
422. Do you have a hard head? Yeah
423. What about a thinck skull? yes
424. Do altoids help bad breath? I guess
425. Ever kicked your dentist? No, she's learned to sit behind me
426. Whose your favorite girl singer? None
427. What do you do with bananas? You really want me to answer that?
428. Favorite clothing brand? None
429. Cutest undies: o.O I only have briefs</i> ::blushes deeply::
430. Ever farted in front of the opposite sex: Yes
431. How di dthey react? I doubt they knew
432. What did it smell like? No
433. Is your school poor? Yeah
434. Ever come close to having sex but didnt? ::sighs:: no.
435. With who? .
436. Why didnt you: .
437. Last time you saw the opposite sex in their underwear? :( never have.
438. Who has the worst manners? Dunno
439. Ever written to dear abby? no.
440. Do you know neone named abby? yes
441. Favortie state to visit? Hyper
442. Where do you want to get married? in a church?
443. Who are you going to marry? Dunno
444. Are you always late or early? Depends
445. How many legs do you have? 4
446. Favorite seafood? Scallops.
447. Where were you born? We've been over this.
448. Know any scary true stories? No
449. What? Yeah.
450. Favorite dessert? Dessert's all good.
451. What time do you eat lunch? 12?
452. What do you eat for lunch? My friends
453. Who do you eat lunch with? My friends
454. Do you have a secret fantasy? ::sighs:: not too sure how "secret" it is anymore...
455. Is it dunk time? no
456. How bout slam time? No
457. What color lines are on you paper: 'your' and no.
458. How long is your leg hair? Too lazy to shave it off.
459. Your feelings on old drivers? I'm gonna run you over, BWAHAHAHAHAHA. Jk.
460. How bout back seat drivers? No?
461. Ever done the dirty bird? Wha...?
462. Ever even heard of the dirty bird? Nope.
463. Are you the devils advocate? Sometimes.
464. Ever wish u were one of charlies angels? I'm one of Heaven's angels... Was. T.T
465. R u violent: No
466. Can your shool aford paper? Learn how to spell, dumbass.
467. Do you have platnium teeth? O.o
468. Do you snort pixy stix? That sounds... painful. Sugar in the lungs...
469. How bout salt? ewwww...
470. Does polar ice gum really change you? Whaa....?
471. Ever tasted the rainbow? Yes
472. How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop? I told you already. Want me to demonstrate?
473. Ever counted? No.
474. Ever lost count? Yes. Around 200.
475. How many flags do u c daily? 4
476. Ever read the fine print? Always.
477. Do you concentrate? Sometimes.
478. Do you enjoy educational videos? oooh, what kind?
479. Why are chalkboards called black boards? 'cause they're black, you moron.
480. What language do monkeys think in? monkieese
481. Do you have a nickname? Yes
482. How did you get it? Neko- Myself. Vik & Tremane - my friends. Numair - Myself.
483. What is it? Neko
484. R ur eyebrows a diffrent color from your hair? No
485. Ever shaved them off? Ew no.
486. Ever met a 2yr. Old millionaire? No
487. R u a dumb bitch? I wish I was a female
488. Do you have a basketball charm? huh?
489. Ever made up a cheer? Yeah
490. Ever made up a dance? no.
491. Ever pulled out your eyelashes? Sometimes.
492. Longest youve gone without goin to the bathroom? ::shrugs::
493. Longest youve gone wiht out a shower? 4-5 days
494. Darkest color jeans you own? dark blue
495. Anything u wear everyday? clothes... what?
496. Nerdiest friend you have? Chris
497. Do you have anything odd peirced? Nope
498. Tell me about it? No.
499. Best pick up line? Nope.
500. R u selfish? Yes.
501. R u a shellfish? No
502. Do u like shellfish? No.
503. Ever use someone? Yes
504. Last time u did christmas kareoke? never have.
505. Do you get jiggy wiht it: no
506. Last party u had at burger king? never had
507. Gotta wedgie? yes
508. How much did u weigh on the thousanth day you were alive? Who knows.
509. If you could pick your race what would u be? I like being asian
510. Favorite kind of tape? Gaff
511. Favorite type of clock? Digital
512. What brand tv do you have? Zenith
513. Can you shop smarter than wards? huh?
514. Strangest thing youve done out of bordum? Hi, my name is Fred.
515. Ever had an internet convo haunt you? Yes.
516. Do you enjoy toilet time? O.o
517. Ever gotten in a fight over tupperware? Eh?
518. Ever switched hotel rooms? No.
519. Ever given up something you love for something you want? Yes?
520. Do you have soft lips? I wish I knew.
521. Favorite holiday colors? red and green
522. Ever made up a holiday? no
523. When do you celebrate it? no
524. What do you call it? no
525. Whats it about? no
526. Do you own polka dotted shirts? hell no.
527. Do you wear socks with ruffels? hell no. I wish...
528. Best gift uve gotten? Love.
529. Best gift youve given? Love
530. Worst gift youve gotten? PC software. Stupid game.
531. Worst gift youve given? ::shrugs::
532. What kind of baby wipes did your mom use? Probably Johnsons
533. Do you have dimples? Yup.
534. Do you think they're sexy? Who cares..?
535. Do you own pleather pants? No.
536. Do you own new balences? Huh?
537. How often do you touch up your make up? I don't wear makeup
538. Favorite scrunchie? I wish I had scrunchies.. I wish I had hair long enough to use them...
539. Do you have an obession? Yes.
540. Strangest plant youve smelled? Hehehe...
541. Ever cracked a bell? Huh?
542. How bout a mirror? No.
543. 3 uses for an empty 2 liter bottle? ::grins:: oh yes.
544. Ever made a bird feeder? yes
545. Approxamatley how many inches long is your hair? 3?
546. Ever seena multi colored face? Boo
547. Ever had a face job? No!
548. How many students go to your school? too many
549. Ever made an amendment? Yes
550. Smell your armpit.......Did you remember to use deodarnt? fuck off.
551. Your thoughts on backseat drivers? yawns.
552. Would you ever get a job at the corner of food lion? no
553. Closest grocery store to your house? no clue
554. How many places are there in your house to sit? Too many
555. Ever watched soap operas? Yes
556. Have you met someone famous? No
557. Has anyone ever forgoten what you look like but u see them everyday? Yes
558. Where were you august 27, 2000? No clue
559. Is that the day your b/f thought u started goin out? no.
560. How many computers do you c daily? 2.
561. Do you know anyone named burton? No
562. Do you have a picture of a tigger in your walet? No.
563. Do you need a hot girl/guy? Yes
564. Friend most unlike you? Huh?
565. Ever stopped talkin to someone b.C of their hairy arms? O.o
566. How many hairs r in your nose? You can count them if you want...
567. Ever been assasinated? Yes.
568. Ever lost a body part? Yes
569. Ever had shin splits? Huh?
570. What are you most attracted to? Girls.
571. What do you clean glasses with? My shirt >.<
572. Ever had a knee brace? No
573. How often do you ride the bus? Going home from school.
574. How many chineese ppl r in your 7th pd class? 4
575. Know anyone from antartica? No
576. Most amount of times youve bounced a ball? I'll bounce your balls.
577. What do you do in the movies? Depends on the movie and who I'm with.
578. Ever been drunk? Never.
579. Ever tried to pee outside? Several times, because I had to >.<
580. How many times have you fallen while drunk? Never been drunk
581. How high do you pull ur pants up? How far would you like them?
582. What would your rapstar name be? Eh?
583. Favorite decade? don't care
584. Who has the shortest tounge? Wha..?
585. How do you think of random questions? B O R I N G
586. Ever left your makeup in locker all weekend? No
587. Longest lifespan you know of? 200 years - great sea turtles
588. Does your ear itch? yes
589. Can you feel your hands? Yes
590. Can you bite your ear? O.o what are you, rubber man?
591. Ever tried? Psh, of course not.
592. Did u succeed? ... see above.
593. Do you know what u looked like? yeah
594. Favorite belly button? Mine
595. Ever danced with a feather matress? Huh?
596. Ever rolled on the floor with your dog? Yeah. I do it all the time.
597. Worst picture ever taken of you? One where I had 'pigtails' and girls holding me down while someone else took the picture >.<
598. Can u grub? no, can you?
599. Ever had a digital get down? Wha...?
600. Favorite pop star? Dunno
601. What is pop music? Dunno.
602. What do you look like right now? Human.
603. How many diamonds are on your ring? no ring.
604. Ever had a 84% on a blood test? Huh?
605. Did u study for it? Wha...?
606. How many times have u or think u will fail a driving test? Never took it.
607. Can u make me holler? YO!
608. Jus took some extasy~ do you know what the side effects will be? Death.
609. Ever been caught on camera? Yes
610. Are you ludicrous? Yes
611. What time is it now? 5:41 PM
612. Things that come in threes: My ass.
613. Do you sharpen your pencil to a point? o.O I don't have anywhere to sharpen it...
614. Last time someone complemented you: Lady
615. Name: God. ::ZAP:: ok, ok, 39cjj3r0. Sheesh. Why does she care about her name so much...
616. If we were a monarchy who would be king & queen? Queen
617. Do you like the shape of your hands? Yes
618. Who has the wierdest hands: Dunno
619. Wierdest feet: Dunno
620. Ever danced with an animated santa claus? O.o it's animated. I'm not.
621. Do you buy hallmark? No.
622. Last time u saw the softer side of sears? Sissors?
623. Ever talked to a college guy? Yes
624. Was he a redneck? No
625. What do you think of lowriders? riding...?
626. Strongest smelling cereal: No clue
627. What formula *math/science* comes to your mind first? pi
628. Last time you rolled dice: A long time ago.
629. Ever seen $1000 dollars? No
630. Most weed you've ever seen? In my lawn
631. Does wal*mart really roll back prices? no
632. Ever been pushed in a cart? Yes!
633. Are you on birth-control? LOL. YES!!
634. How many hours do you sleep? 4-7
635. Do you remember your dreams? Some
636. Wierdest couple: Dunno
637. Biggest pair of pants you own: mine?
638. Worst hairdo: that picure
639. Do you know neone who plays soccer? Neone?
640. What about golf? wha...?
641. Your feelings on minivans: ano...
642. Last time you wore khakis? years ago
643. With what? dun remember
644. Ever sat on somenes lap and excited them? I don't think so.. ::sighs depressedly:;
645. Person who gets made fun of the most? me
646. Whhy? 'cause they think I'm GAY~~~!!!!! ::sobs:: meanies...
647. Who has bedhead everyday? King George the III
648. Ever lived at the beach? No
649. Favorite beach activity: Sitting
650. Ever kissed a hot lifeguard? No?
651. Most boring person: fu
652. Do you own a stuffed raccoon? No
653. What about a racoon hat? No
654. Most likely to be a mime: Dunno
655. Most likely to be a librarian: Senpai?
656. Seen the natl. Lampoon videos? Wha...?
657. Do ne of your friends have your name? ne.
658. Shortest person you know: Lady ;)
659. Most confident person: Failures
660. Smartest person: Barry
661. Prettiest hair: Lady
662. Who belongs in a zoo? Lily
663. Last time u made armpit noises: o.O never did.
664. Do you know how to work a ti-86? I could figure it out.
665. Last time u laughed: In history
666. Last time u cried: In chinese
667. Cutest smile: Smile!
668. Ugliest smile: You
669. Who needs to smile more often? Me
670. Looks best with a buzzed head: eh?
671. Why? no clue
672. Ever violated a human heart? ::sighs:: yeah
673. Have u read the scarlet letter? yes
674. Were your school pictures good? no
675. Do you know what the wrestling move "the violator" is? Isn't that a vibrator...?
676. Ever walked in your sleep? no
677. Are you a trendsetter? yes
678. Opinion on girls who wear baggy clothes: Its all good.
679. Biggest secret u know: mine.
680. Last time u told a secret: something that was specifically labeled a secret..? middle school. and never again since.
681. Haha you just told me! ...weirdo
682. Who let the dogs out? Yo mama..
683. Best bark: Lady
684. Oldest teacher: Eastern Asia Teacher
685. Fv. Color of timberland boots: Huh?
686. Ever ridden a tractor? No
687. Was it sexy? No
689. Cutest baby? Mine
690. Fav. Kind of cupcake: With icing
691. Wierdest nickname: Dunno
692. Fav time : peacefulness
693. Can u draw mickey mouse? No
694. Las person u called: Lady
695. Wierdest phone call ever? Lady?
696. Who do you go out with? No one
697. Is grease or grease 2 better? Bengay
698. Last thing your tongue touched: My lips
699. Ever failed? who hasn't?
700. Favorite n'sync song? dunno
701. Last time you were in a field: dunno
702. Gayest boy band: dunno.
703. Last time you danced: Never
704. What animal do you resemble? Dunno
705. Favorite mint: huh?
706. Favorite cheer: Yay1
707. Cheeriest person: Dunno
708. Worst illness you've ever had: Dunno
709. Ever bought anything at the hospital shop? No
710. What do you see when you look to the right: a wall
711. Oldest person you've dated: Lady
712. Youngest person you've dated: Kady
713. What do you want to do with your life? Make it through one more day and then do it all over again.
714. Do you wash your hands when you go to the bathroom? Always
715. Fav. Soap: Castile
716. Opinion on smoking: ew
717. Who do you know that smokes: my uncle
718. Color you wear the most: white
719. What are you thankful for: me. friends
720. Would you rather be a cowboy or an indian? ninja
721. Last cd you listened to: Don't remember
722. Last cassette tape: dont remember
723. Pet peeve: People who blame themselves when it's someone else's fault. Or people who blame someone else whne it's actually their fault.
724. What are you allergic to? Dunno
725. What does your doctors office smell like? alcohol
726. Almond joy or mounds? Joy
727. Do you shake your bonbon? no, I don't drink
728. Last time you listened to ricky martin? who?
729. Fav. Game show? game shows are silly.
730. 5 things to do with ice: Get it shaped into a dildo, eat it, use it in drinks, rub it on someone else, and make shaved ice!
731. Do you like girls who wear abercrombie &fitch? I dunno...
732. Will you ever take viagra? Maybe
733. Do your grandparents take it? No
734. What kind of nursing home do you want to put your parents in: I wouldn't do that...
735. Fav. Adam sandler movie: Ew
736. Best childhood memory: Being young and innocent and thinking the world was a great place
737. Worst childhood memory: Being screamed at for things that wernt my fault.
738. Do you have ne scars? 'any?' yes.
739. Are scars sexy? no
740. What do you think is sexy? kinkiness
741. Do you poop in your pants? o.O
742. Who do you know that does? you, AB, babies.
743. Person with the wierdest shaped head? Me.
744. Last time you got beat: o.O never have.. it's very sad.
745. Who is sweet on you? 'sweet on me'? huh? I dunno...
746. Are you ugly? average
747. Who is? Lots of peoples.
748. Biggest ho: dunno
749. Ever had a garden? no
750. What comes to your mind when you hear garden hose? kinky
751. Know how to say nething nasty in a foreign language? yes
752. Coolest foreign person you know: my cousin
753. Last time u got hurt: today? dunno
754. Ever been in a flood? No
755. Dark/light? dark
756. Are you scared of storms? no, love it
757. Heat or air? Air
758. What is your thermostat set on? Dunno
759. Is coca-cola classic always the one? huh?
760. Ever worked in fast food? no
761. Is it beginning to look a lot like xmas? No
762. Do you get stickers at wal*mart? no
763. Do you know ne payphone #'s by heart? no
764. What do you like to write in journals? Me
765. Are you greedy? sometimes
766. Do you know ne drug dealers? no
767. Ever dated one? no
768. Who do u know that is like scrogge mcduck? drugs?
769. Most redneck outfit u own: huh?
780. Sluttiest outfit u own: eh, don't have a sluttiest outfit. -.-
781. Most ghetto outfit you own: dunno
782. Are you a prep? What's a prep?
783. Where did you lose your virginity? never have...
784. Smoothest talker: the devil
785. Worst pickup line? You tell me
786. Fav. Condom flavor: ... they don't have a flavor, do they?
787. Ever been dumped? No
788. By who? no.
789. Last time you were on a boat? at least a year ago?
790. Any aquatic sports? no. water is too wet.
791. Ever been to an aquarium? no.
792. Do you have to pee? No.
793. Is your stomach growling? yes.
794. What does your mouth taste like right now? food, rice mostly...
795. Ever made fruit salad? no
796. Ever eaten glue? eww, yes
797. Who do you know that has a cold? no one
798. Funniest person to hear speak: ::shrugsh::
799. What did you order last time you went out to eat? Forgot
800. Most uncomfortable shoes: Dunno
801. If you walk like a walrus.. Are you a walrus? IF it floats, is it a duck? is a witch?
802. Do you know what a walrus looks like? Yes
803. Favorite dollar store: the dollar store.
804. Are you a toys r us kid? No
805. Why do pet stores smells so bad? The do?
806. Most disgusting couple: Jailaura
807. When do you lay down to sleep: when everything is done.
808. Last bed you were in *thats not yours*? Dunno... no one?
809. What do you like the opposite sex to do to you? be romantic. Or dominating in a playful way.
810. What school would you rather go to: kinky co-ed boarding schools? (or even female bording schools. pervert he is)
811. What pre-school did you go to? Forgot
812. Who was your best friend? Stated above
813. What did you want to be when you grow up? a friend
814. First kiss.. With who? >.< never kissed before.
815. Where? oh shut up.
816. Was it good? I'm warning you...
817. Issue that you are most concerned about: My friend
818. What do you think of the whole gore/bush thing? I dont give a fuck.
819. What did you do on thanksgiving? Sleep, eat
820. Your feelings on turkey: it had wings. Stupid bones...
821. What time is it? 7:49 PM
822. Has this been enough questions? Yes
833. How long is this taking you? 4 hours
834. Ever danced w/ the opposite sex? no
835. Kissed the opposite sex? I wish
836. Kissed the same sex? eww...
837. Ever loved someone of the saem sex, but not a family member? Yes
838. Ever been in love? Yes
839. With who (name them all)? Oh fuck off
840. Been a car accident- Yup.
841. Killed someone or something- yup, bugs.
842. Cussed someone out to there face- yup.
843. Drank alchohol- no
844. Been drunk- no
845. Smoked- no
846. Have sex- no
847. Grinded- huh?
848. Drove a car- Yep
849. Loved someone and never even met them- yes
850. Sang in front of someone- many many times.
851. Acted in front of someone (been in movie/play)- yup.
852. Flipped someone off- Yep!
853. Kissed an animal- no
854. Cussed in front of ur parents- Fuck yeah.
855. Watched porn- yeah
856. Won money- yes.
857. Babysat- Yar.
858. Told someone u want to marry them- Uh huh.
859. Cryed during a sad movie- yes
860. If so what movie- A few.
861. Cryed while listening to a sad song- Yeah.
862. What song- forgot
863. Changed ur name- yeah but i have yet to make it legal.
864. Done drugs- yup
865. Made prank calls- LOL yes.
866. Watched a soap opera- This was asked already.
867. Gone all day with out food- No
868. Gone all day without drinking liquid- No.
869. Been to a national ball game (nfl,nba)- yes
870. Drove a boat- no
871. Been out of ur counry- yes
872. If so,where to- Taiwan
873. Had a child- no
874. Adopted a child- no
875. Made a movie- uhh kinda ;)
876. Made a song- no
878. Worked- no
879. Had surgery- yes
880. Stripped- I wish...
881. Seen a rated r movie by ur self- Yep
882. R u glad this is almost over?- very
883. Truth or dare: Dare
884. Love or lust: Love
885. Hugs or kisses: Hugs
886. Night or day: Night
887. Sunrise or sunset: Sunset.
888. Beach or pool: beach
889. Cake or pie: Cake
890. Paper or plastic: Paper
891. Full color or black and white: Full Color
892. Gun or knife: Knife
893. Cats or dogs: Cats
894. Gold or silver: Silver
895. Chocolate, strawberry, or vanilla: Strawberry
896. Big or small: Big ;)
897. Go to the movies or rent one: Go
898. Fast or slow dance: Never danced. -.-
899. Car or truck: Car
900. Lefty or righty: Righty
901. Simple or complex: Complex :)
902. Pens or pencils: pen.
903. Ketchup or mustard: Ketchup
904. Batman or superman: Nekoman?
905. Showers or baths: Both
906. X's or o's: Both
907. Do you believe in love at first sight? Yes
908. Do you believe in true love? Yes
909. Do you believe that there is someone out there for everyone? No
910. Do you have a crush? Yes
911. What is their name/s? :)
912. Do you have a bf/gf? Nope
913. How long have you been with them? ...
914. How long do you plan to be with them? forever and ever...
915. Do you believe in god? In my own way (gods and goddesses)
916. Say 1 nice thing about the person that sent this to you: She's cool.
917. What did u do today: Sleep, school, sleep, eat
918. Was this survey boring: very.
919. What r u doin now besides filling this out: dinner
920. What college do u wanna go 2: MIT, UI, UM, UMBC?, CalTech
921. Where do u wanna live: Doesn't matter
922. Place u wanna visit: Canada.
923. Are you a virgin? Yes
924. If you got to choose who you lost your virginatiy to who would it be? Someone kind
925. What's the first thing you notice about a person of the opposite sex? Their hair..?
926. The next thing you notice: How they talk
927. Do you believe in love at first sight? Yes
928. Major turn-on of the opposite sex: personality
929. Major turn-off of the opposite sex: personality
930. Do you have a crush, boyfriend, or girlfriend? crush.
931. If yes, who is it? ...
932. Why do you like them? ...
933. What do you go for; looks or personality-wise? Personality.
934. What's your idea of a perfect date? It's been said
935. What was your first kiss like? I never kissed... T.T stop asking me!
936. What, in your opinion, is the best moment in a new relationship? Dunno...
937. When was the last time you cried over a guy or girl? ...
938. When you first met your boyfriend/girlfriend, what did you notice first? Her hair? I don't know.. or maybe just her...
939. Who was your first crush? Rebecca.
940. Do you believe in love at first sight? Oh jeeze..
941. If you could take one person anywhere on a date, where would it be, and what would you do? Dunno
942. If you were to be taken by one person anywhere on a date, where would it be, and what would you do? Dunno
943. What is your idea of the perfect marriage proposal (to or from that special someone)? Dunno
944. What is your idea of the perfect wedding? Dunno
945. What is your idea of the perfect honeymoon? Dunno
946. What is one thing a guy or girl can do that melts you, every time? dunno.. >.<
947. What was something that happened to you recently that you think was extra-sweet? Dunno
948. What's something your boyfriend/girlfriend/crush does that sends that bolt of electricity through you? yes
949. What time is it? 8:01PM
950. What did u do 2day? Same as when you asked this before.
951. Who sent this 2 u & say something about them- -.-
953. Hair color: -.-
954. Eye color: -.-
955. Why do you like him/her? -.-
957. Are you going to tell them: someday
958. Living arrangement? w/ family
959. What book are you reading now? Invisible Man
960. What's on your mouse pad? ALLSOP
961. Favorite board game? anything
962. Favorite magazine? MacAddict
963. Favorite smells? air fresheners
964. Favorite sounds? chines
965. Worst feeling in the world? depression
966. What is the first thing you think of when you wake up in the morning? Oh my god, not again...
967. Roller coaster scary or exciting? scary
968. How many rings before you answer the phone? the answering machine does that...
969. Future daughter's name? dunno
970. Favorite foods? stuff.
971. Chocolate or vanilla? FUCKING HELL STOP REPEATING.
972. Do you like to drive fast? no
973. Do you sleep with a stuffed animal? sometimes
974. Storms - cool or scary? GRRRRRRR.
975. What type was your first car? don't have a car...
976. If you could meet one person dead or alive: Jesus.
977. Favorite alcoholic drink? don't drink
978. What is your zodiac sign? ....
979. Do you eat the stems of broccoli? sure
980. If you could have any job you wanted what would it be? God of a network
981. If you could dye your hair any color? I don't
982. Is the glass half empty or half full? It's a glass. *tip* whoops, not any more...
983. Favorite movies: Matrix, etc.
984. Are you a lefty or a rightly? ...
985. Do you type with your fingers on the right keys? yes
986. What's under your bed? nothing
987. What is your favorite number? 6
988. Favorite sport to watch? I dislike watching sports
989. Say one nice thing about the person who sent this to you: yawns.
990. Person you sent this to who is most likely to respond? dunno
991. Who are the 5 hottest guys/girls in your school? I don't care.
992. Name 3 stupid things you've done within the last 6 months: no.
993. What did you do for your last bday? a mixed party for me and two friends
994. Name 4 things you really hate: stuff
995. Name 2 things about the opposit sex you love: smile, personality
996. Name 2 things about the opposit sex you hate: stupidity, arrogence.
997. Do you like school? sometimes
998. Why or why not? mef.
999. Who is your fav teacher? Thomas
1000. name one thing you want to do before you die: get kissed and have sex?
1001. name 5 things about this school year that you'll never forget: ::shrugs::
1002. name 3 people that you will stay in touch with even after you graduate: Karen, Han, Lady, Sis
1003. how many people do you know that actually understand you? Too many -.- and yet too little
1004: did you know that this is truly gonna be the longest survey? Someone will make a longer one.
1005: have you ever made a survey: no
1006: did I miss any questions: Yes. What time is it?
1007: what was your most favorite dream you have ever had? :D
1008: do you eat in bed: nah
1009: which color m&m do you prefer: Any.

1010: the fast and the furious: Never saw it.
1011: the glass house: Never saw it.
1012: what lies beneath: Never saw it.
1013: pearl harbor: It was ok.
1014: do u know any more good movies: Yes.
1015: what are they about: stuff.


Jesus... if I ever think of doing a survey over 100 questions, hit me. hard.

And don't actually read this, most of it is just crap. usually me being bored and typing no, -.-, yes, ..., or some other nonsensical answer.

I'm sorry, but I'm going to not answer any comments that don't need to be answered immediately until tomorrow... I've spent enough time online doing this stupid thing. Time to start working.

Oh, and a suggestion, don't do this survey. It repeats itself. Too many times. And only covers a small range of topics. (the usual, bf/gf, favorites, etc). Jeeze, can't anyone think up any more interesting things to ask?

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