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Cell phone is officially dysfunctional. It still randomly turns off. A call to Nextel support... reports that it's because of the cell phone itself, and the only real useful information I got was the nearest nextel place around here.. about 2 Mi away from me. Annoyingly, it's open only from 8-5, M-F. Which means I'll need to go there on some early morning. Damn.

More exams coming up~ Japanese, and chemistry. Math exam has yet to be mentioned, but.. yeah... >.> that might be the hardest of all. Unless I get nomenclature messed up in chemistry. Buggers.

I love this song... It grows on you. Remind me to post some of these better songs that I've been getting from people, or by recommendation.

Mmmm, yeah, livejournal is really now just a place for me to ramble once in a while when I remember to report to the world how life be... I've been skimming the friends page, but most entries appear to be selphish's and xella's, so I might be missing a few things, as skimming often causes that to happen. I should begin using filters for my friend pages, so I can check RM people or something like that, on a single page.

The biggest problem with college is that one can get swept up in everything that's always happening, in combination with homework. I'll call home again sometime soon, but I don't know what to say. Besides, all they do is worry, although they have an legit reason. I should call other people as well, but they're welcome to call me too. Well, that is, once I get my cell phone fixed so it no longer randomly turns off while closed... (So if you call, and can't reach me, LEAVE A MESSAGE. I won't know you've called otherwise.)

I need to find other people aside from Christine and Girl-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named... nothing wrong with them, it's just a bigger network of friends might be helpful. There really isn't much time though... the weekend is so short, and weekdays are usually for homework... no play time then.

[edits|various little things.]

Gordon and Han IMmed me tonight... I am remembered, yay~ hehe.

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