Benjamin Juang (ibneko) wrote,
Benjamin Juang

Tomorrow's schedule/to-do list.

-Early morning (9~): go find nextel store. Get cell fixed. Or charger. Probably the later, in combination with the battery.
-Japanese: Vocab quiz 4. Prepped: 4 hours, now. Total remembered: 30% WTF?
-Math... work on homework for that class. Or leaving for home to study chem.
-Chem- skipping 'cause we have permission.
-ECE- may skip. Although I should go and listen to the lecture... I'm still.. falling behind. Need to find a book on basic circuitry to read... There's something that just isn't Clicking.
-Chem exam (7-8)
-Do laundry. I need clean underwear, gwah. ::annoyed at lack of..:: Kou-chan, remind me.
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