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Presidential Debate

Presidential Debate:
Kerry: Bush be dumb. Do nothing. I can do better.
Bush: ...

2. Kerry's election increases chances of another 9/11?
Bush: ...I know what I'm doing. People know where I stand. (I'm not answering that question.)
Kerry: I'm determined to be strong and resolute. But we also have to be smart. -points out Bushie's illogical statements- -pulls support based off military figures-

3. Colossal misjudgments. What colossal misjudgments has Bush made?
Kerry: Oh, where do I start. His misled the people! He promised to wage war as a last resort. And now our war is misaimed (or something like that). -pulls statistics out of his pocket-
Bush: ...-tries to defend himself- The world is safer without Sadamn Hussen

4. Priorities of going after Osama over Hussen
Bush: This is a global effort. It's essential that we keep allies and keep weapons away from evils. We're making progress! ...the Philippines...? WFT? BS. BS. BS. When Iraq is free, we'll be safer.
Kerry: Iraq is not the center of war on terror until HE went into Iraq. That is not a judgment that the president should not make. More and more soldier are being killed.
Bush: You can't lead, if you're saying wrong time, wrong war, wrong place. Yes, we have to be steadfast!
Kerry: Yes, we have to be steadfast. But that doesn't mean it wasn't a mistake.

5. As president, what would you do specifically to increase the homeland security?
Kerry: What kind of mixed message does it send to send money over to Iraq and take money away from homeland safetechs. 95% of the containers are not inspected. Cargo hold of airplanes are not x-rayed. I believe the President will not secure nuclear stuffs.
Bush: How are you going to pay? We can't pay. -suck, licking noises- Huge tax gap, man, huge tax gap. We need to stay on the offense! Patriot Act - is vital! Best way to protect you is to stay on the offense.
Kerry: [missed this]
Bush: ...Mudler? O.o What..? [missed this too.]

6. Criteria to determined when to bring troops home from iraq?
Bush: We're training more and more! We'll never succeed in Iraq if we don't get the people there to agree and work! A free Iraq! FreeFreeFree!
Kerry: Troops, thank you. Help is on the way. You guys deserve better. Our troops need other allies!
Bush: "Help is on the way" -snickers- what every are you talking about, Kerry-wrong-war-wrong-time?
Kerry: I made a mistake in talking about the $$. But the President made a mistake in invading.

7. Speaking of Vietnam, you spoke the congress: How you do make men die for a mistake..?
Kerry: [blab - I'm not writing this down] Did not listen to people who tell him things! We Need Allies!
Bush: There's not going to follow someone who says it's a "wrong war, wrong place, wrong time". Summits are being held!
Kerry: UN offered help. We didn't pick that up. It was always american run. When we went in. There were 3 countries, we could do better.
Bush: And now there's 30 nations involved.

8. You have said there is a "miscalculation" in postwar Iraq...
Bush: Because we achieved such a rapid victory, there were more radicals remaining, 'cause they ran away. It's, uh, hard work. But it's necessary work. I know it's hard - I see the casualty report, I watch TV. We need to not send mixed signals. We got a plan in place. There will be elections. We'll train police so they can do the hard work. 17 Billion dollars has been allocated. And our alliance is strong. We're making progress. It's hard work. And a free Iraq will make the world a better place.
Kerry: Even knowing that there was no WMD, even knowing that there was no imminent threat, he would have done the same things. You just heard that. We have no coalition! It's majority us, not a coalition.

9. What is not telling the truth about Iraq? Give examples.
Kerry: They rushed to war, without planning. He misled the American people. His misled the American people when he said we would go as a last resort. I would tell the truth. Fresh start, new credibility. -Cites old white men and promises to follow their footsteps-
Bush: Osama doesn't get to decide how to defend ourselves. No one got misled. What is misleading is that you keep changing your position to follow politics.
Kerry: I wasn't misleading. Foofoo. I've had one consistent decision.
Bush: The only thing consistent about my opponent's position is that he's inconsistent.

10. Has the war been worth the cost of American lives?
Bush: Every life is precious, every life matters. The hardest job of my job is the comforting of people. -sobsobsob- It's hard work, knowing that it's my decision that I made = death for her husband. His death was noble and worthy. Sadam Hussen was a threat. And we must spread Liberty. People are desperate for freedom.
Kerry: It is vital to not confuse war with warriors. President is not getting the job done. Go to my website. My plan is shiny, go with my plan!
Bush: I, uh.... moo? What troops would follow someone who says "wrong war, wrongrightplace?"
Kerry: Pottery barn rule: If you break it, you fix it. That's what we have to do. Soldiers know that this isn't done right! So I'll get this done right, with my plan.

11. Speaking of your plan, tell us about it. Timelines, scenarios, ending major US involvement.
Kerry: Bush is misled. I didn't say that we'd get troops out in 6 months. I said if we do things my way, we'd get troops out in 6 months. We're building military bases there now. We're guarding oil, not nuclear facilities. This might be misleading. You have to close the borders. You must show that you want to bring the other countries in.
Bush: 100K trained. 125K trained by the end of the year. It's hard work, yep yep. Need to send consistent messages.
Kerry: []
Bush: []

12. Does the iraq experience make it more or less likely for you to take us into another preemptive war?
Bush: Didn't want to send troops in. President must always be willing to use troops. Ahem, as a last resort. If we left him in power and stuff, Hussen would be stronger and the world would have gotten worse. I would hope we would never have to use force. Butbut, as long as we send consistent messages, we'll be sure that world is better for it. I hope we never have too. It's less likely that we have to use force.
Kerry: the enemy attacked us. We had them cornered, then we outsources the job to kill them. "Sadamn Hussen would have been stronger." is false. If president had patience, we'd be a strong place today.
Bush: Of course I know Osama attacked us. And he would have gotten stronger.
Kerry: 35-40 countries in the world had a stronger ability to make weapons.

13. What is your position on preemptive war?
Kerry: President always had the right to preemptive war. But no president has every ceded the right to preempt war to protect US. But it needs to pass the test - and prove to the world of correct reasons. Question is of credibility of the US word.
Bush: What's passes the global test? You take preemptive action to protect the US. What's Kerry talking about, I'm confused? I didn't sign some treaties.

14. Do you believe that diplomacy and sanctions would resolve nuclear tensions?
Bush: yes. [he can't count. And what was that long silence...?]
Kerry: He sent bad messages.
-interjection: Bilateral talks with Kerry, multi-country for Bush.

15. Genocide in Darfor.(sp?)
Kerry: Sanctions don't work (continued from previous note.) We're not sending troops in yet, because we can do this through African union. We need to give them logistical support, not just humanitarian. We can't do it because we don't have enough people. I want to add 2 more divisions, for general global use.
Bush: In terms of Darfor, I ummm agree that it's genocide. Ummm, we've committed aid, we'll commit more. Umm Umm Ummm. I'm not ready to answer this question, so I'll just BS and pull facts. I agree with my opponent, la la, cause I don't know what else to say.

16. Kerry's underlying character issues?
Bush: Oh, he's a good person. But he changes what he believes.
Kerry: President isn't acknowledging what's on the ground.
Bush: Oh, yeah, we should shift _tactics_, but I'll never change my core values. No wilting under that pressure.
Kerry: I have not intention of wilting. I've never wavered. My position has been consistent. Booyah.

17. Kerry, if you are elected president, what will you take to that office thinking of the most important threat?
Kerry: Nuclear proliferation. Russia has much nuclear stuffs. Bush is making anti-bunker Nuclear weapons.
Bush: I agree. Biggest threat = WMD. That's why we have to use a "multiprong" (super dildo?) attack to stop this proliferation. But uhhh, I'm not ready for this questions either, so I'll just pull out facts.
-interjection: So both of you believe that the most dangerous thing is nuclear proliferation.
Bush/Kerry: yepyep.
Kerry: Oh, but Bushie is taking forever. But I'll do it in 4 years.
Bush: Bilateral talks are bad! I can't speak to your other comment, 'cause I did take a lot of time.

18. President Puton of Russia. Is he ok?
Bush: Nope, needs to be checks and balances in a democracy. [missed some stuff here too.]
Kerry: We should stand up for democracy.... [missed some stuff]

Kerry: Thank you, sankyou. We both love this country very much. And we have a different set of convictions. -speaks to people at home, worrying about iraq soldier relatives- I defended this country in war, and I will defend this country as the president. I have a plan. We can be successful. I'm talking about winning, not leaving. I have a plan to win the war on terror. Reaching out to the world, building strong alliances. The future belongs to freedom, not to fear. And I ask you to give me the opportunity to make us a great nation. Thank you, and God bless america.

Bush: If US shows uncertainty or weakness, the world will drift towards tragedy. We'll reform, make us pretty. We'll continue to stay on the offense, and fight the terrorists around the world, so we don't have to do it back home. We'll make alliances. And we'll continue to spread freedom. I believe a free Iraq will set a strong example. We've done a lot of hard work over the last three years. We've climbs the mighty mountain and I see the valley of peace below us. I appreciate your listening tonight, and my god continue to bless our great land.

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