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Full Name: Benjamin Juang
Sexual Preference: I'm either straight or a lesbian (it works, trust me. Being randomly unsure of one's mental gender does things to one.). No, I'm not gay, so hush Lady. ::glares::
Religious Affiliation: Christian/fluffy bunny wiccan

Would You -
Kill someone: Yes.
Like a lovely bunch of coconuts: I've got a lovely bunch of coconuts!
Eat pork: medium, please!
Read-a read-a read-a book to me: Give me a book first. Then I read it silently to you ^_^
Wear a skirt: Yes. Provided one of the following conditions are met: A) I'm paid lots of money. Or B) There's only close friends around (defined as Lady, Sis, and Karen) and they are NOT armed with a camera.
Read slash fanfic: Yes.
Like some fries with that: With what, the hot dog?
Rob a bank: Everybody freeze and don't move! I've got a KETCHUP BOTTLE and I KNOW how to USE IT~!

How Many -
...split personalities do you have, and what are their names: Quite a few. The recognized ones so far are:
Neko-chan(posts to here and IBCorner)
Ben-kun(posts to here, IBCorner, and needlesspanic)
the cat(meow?)
the catgirl(occationally mistress, she posts to blurty)
Claire(is silent, rarely speaks)
Dark(or Evil)Neko (he posts to DeadJournal).

...licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie roll pop: You really don't want me to answer that....

How Much -
...woodchuck(s) would Chuck chuck if Chuck could chuck woodchucks: If you feed him enough carrots, I'm sure he'd have enough strength to chuck infinity+1 woodchucks. the airspeed velocity of a flying swallow: That has been shot out of a cannon? 80MPH. Otherwise, they fly at an average of 25-30 MPH the airspeed velocity of a flying squirrel: That has been hit by the car? 0 MPH. Or has fallen out of the tree? 1/2(9.8)(time to ground)^2 m/s :D.
There can be only ___: one and only one eyeball per customer. If you come back for more, we will take your ears.

Do you prefer:
Resting or Dead parrots: Bulgarian Bluebirds! (yes, that's wrong, I know. Hush you!)
Crab or Lobster: Lobster. Walking ones that trod on your toes.
Monkeys, Frogs, or Monkeyfrogs: Frogmonkies
Skiing or Snowboarding: Skiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii.....*crash* ..nggggh..
Computer or Television: Computer.
Sweet or Sour: Sugar?
Scales or Fur: Fur. Yes, oh yes.
Third or Fifth: Augmented 7th
Gaffer or Duct: Gaff.

Your favorite -
Outfit: Nothing, my friend. Wanna see? XD
Painkiller: mental ones.
Serial killer: Me, myself, and my fuzzy little friend in the closet.
Unsolved mystery: who stole MY cookie from my cookie jar?

Cultural Stability Without Cheating or What Do You Think Of When You Hear -
Semper ubi sub ubi: Latin? O.o
If you don't get it: you don't get it. Washington Post.
"Shepards we shall be, for thee my lord, for thee": OH HAIL, THE LORD HAS PANTS! *is struck by lightning*
Yoda: Bismarck- go *SQUISH!*
http: is my protocol, port 80 by default. Please check and see if apache is running on root?
One word, animal, four legs, carries heavy weights, three letters: ben

What Would You Do If: were stranded on an island with someone who thought they were on a reality tv-show: eh, heh, heh, heh... ::runs off to go find a large metal pot::
...the dog ate your shoes: Bad doggie. Oh wait.. a DOG-nyo~! ::run up the nearest tall object:: won $20: Go out and buy kinky sex toys?
...someone stole the $20 you won: Ahhh, nooooooo... you evil someone. I'll get you for that... you and your little dog too...
*polink*: ....ewwwww.... the doggie did a Bush on the carpet again......

there we go, officially caught up with my mail and comments. going to go shower now, then more work if possible. ::sighs::

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