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I spent the past 3 hours working on a set for Waiting for Godot (That existentialist play... I came across it while looking up existentialism for Rosencrantz and Guildernstern are Dead.) It's actually quite small, work-wise, as there's only a broken down fence, a mound (of rock and dirt), and a dying tree. The fence was actually quite good. The mound.. was a bit pointy and looked like someone threw a dropcloth over it. Which is what we did. Although there's also styrofoam around the box, making it look slightly more moundish? The tree.. 'twas a puzzle to get the limbs to stay up. We finally ended up using fishing wire and hanging it over the top of the tree. Ugly, but effective. ::shrugs:: Tech crew, if that was everyone, is quite small... there were 6 of us there today. I was useful~

I got to play with power tools~ BWEEEE~

Let's see... aside from Penny Dreadful Players (the name of the group), I shall be going to the kimono fashion show tonight, hosted by J-net.

Need to do homework as well. Chem quiz coming up, as well as another ECE exam the following week. And a math exam, which... I suppose I could try to study for. Literacy sheets, probably. If all goes well, I'll earn a total of $28 in cash from volunteering in two separate experiments. I also need to call an energy healing student who needs volunteers...

I also need to call my bank and tell them to send my monthly statements here. It's harder to keep track of stuff without the papers lists...

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