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Today was good...
Physics retake: Think I did well, although I was a bit iffy on a few things. ::crosses fingers and prays to any deity that would listen to a whiny part cat, part girl, part boy thing...::

History Map Quiz: Ugh.. I thought it was ok, I could put down something for all of the questions. Dunno if they're right tho.. only got one of the four bonus. Psh, I'm happy anyways. It was good, considering the studying time/amount of material covered.

Happy song... Got to love Tokyo Mew Mew and the catgirls~! =^.^=

Got to find more anime with catgirls....
So far (these are the only ones that come to mind right now.. there's definitely more, I just don't remember)
  • Escaflowne (Marle what's her name... not really a cat girl..)

  • Ai Yori Aoshi (minor reference)

  • Magic Knights Rayearth (minor reference)

  • Kasho No Tsuki (well, it's actually a cat-thing, since he/she hadn't chosen his/her gender yet... it's a two episode OVA, not bad...shounen-ai, but so KAWAII~! I would so LOVE to be Kagetsu... an ok gallery here. Kagetsu = the short blond haired.. looks like a guy. Sadly there aren't any shots of him/her with cat ears, although it's occasionally visible in the anime.)

  • Catgirl Nuku Nuku

  • Hyper Police (Natsuki... so kawaii...)

  • Tokyo Mew Mew

  • Digi-Charat

  • CCS(minor reference)

  • Chobits(ok, ok, they're not ears, but it's almost close enough? maybe? no? ::sighs:: oh well..)

  • Fruits Basket(Kyou! =^.^=)

  • Outlaw Star(mef... not really a cat girl...)

  • Tokyo Underground(mmm.. not really a cat girl either, is she..?)

  • Yep, that's it... ::sad:: Oh and this was such a cute pic... ::probably has liked to it before, but it's so cute... here, scroll to the bottom, the cat... so Kawaii~~~ =^.^= (The cat girl after the otaku god casts his spell is ok, not particularly cute...)

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