Benjamin Juang (ibneko) wrote,
Benjamin Juang


My earphones just broke on me. Well, the left ear anyways. And they were the iPod earphones... and the only earphones I have right now. Which sucks.

I'm tempted to send the earphones home and have someone bring it to the local apple store with my dad's recent iPod purchase and see if they can be exchanged for a new pair. That be spiffy. Actually, I think my iPod's still under warranty right now... it was a birthday present, and I believe we got it after my birthday, which means it should still be good for exchanging and stuff? Battery, if it runs less than 4 hours, can still be exchanged for 39?49 dollars, I think...

Although I'd really rather just spend the time and possibly, 10-30 dollars signing up for deals at or whatever that site be and just get a new iPod. 20 GB, and shiny.

Anyone got any earphone (or ear buds. The ones that fit in your ear..) suggestions? Apple has ones that cost $35... T.T and that's with the educational discount.

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